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Spoiler Satire

Spoilers suck! However, sometimes I think those that are behind on the most popular shows are the ones that should walk around with alerts. They need a tee shirt or a pin that reads, “Don’t talk to me about TV!” or “Spoiler alert, I haven’t seen it!” Why should the rest of us be denied to ability to openly discuss a show that has been around for years? We’ve dedicated our time in a timely fashion to keep up with this program and now because some slacker hasn’t figured out how amazing the show is, we gotta stay quiet? NO MORE! I say you’ve got 3 days to get caught up. We will politely concede to a three day grace period, but after that? Fuck you! Go catch up or don’t listen!
I’m kidding, but the amount of people screaming about spoilers on social media has had me giggling.
Seriously, if you plan to watch and haven’t, you probably need to avoid social media until you get caught up. Odds are, if it was a huge episode, your friends aren’t going to be the only ones discussing it. There will be photos and articles and memes all lurking around every corner of the interwebs just waiting to jump out and stab you just like BLEEP did in that show last night when BLEEP grabbed BLEEP and BLEEPED BLEEP just as BLEEP BLEEPED BLEEP.


hair:  TRUTH  Surrender @ Uber
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia

*[Black Bantam] Fluffy Kitty V1 Blue Eyes RARE @ Kustom9
[Aleutia] Ingrid Earrings
:::NOIR::: Ira Necklaces @ Shiny Shabby
BONDI . The Extrovert Sunglasses @ Black Fair
Blueberry – Alicia – Hooked Tank Tops @ Uber
Blueberry -Sunny – Unzipped Shorts

can’t tell you a pose cuz I was just sitting on my house holding the kitten

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