I'm just gonna give you all a bit Saturday morning sensuality. Hope you all have you a great weekend Nero~ Satisfy I can feel it tonight I know I'll catch your eye Touching you feels so right, let me come inside Just come with me tonight, take me for a ride Touching you feels so... Continue Reading →


Sweet Misery

Yes, once again, I'm going to play the coward and not write erotica. However, I do have a delicious song for you to enjoy. I also want to tell you about this┬áNaomi Bra & Panty - Strip Me Collection by Vanilla Bae that can only be found in the May Bound Box. If you're not... Continue Reading →


"Pleasure and action make the hours seem short." ~William Shakespeare I found this quote and recognized immediately the adage of time flying when you're having fun. Yet, its not always when we're having fun, is it? A work day never goes by as quickly as a busy one. Of course, those are the days we... Continue Reading →

Music is Timeless

I love music. I've yet to understand anyone that doesn't, like my mother. *rolls her eyes* I'm not super knowledgeable about music, I'll admit. I rarely know the artist's name, song name, or lyrics. Thank goodness for Google! However, I think that is music itself were to dedicate a song to me, it would be... Continue Reading →

Let’s Go Play

"Let's go play," he said as he led her to the car. "Oooh where are we going?" she asked, as she was always so curious. He smirked, then blindfolded her and growled, "It's a surprise, Kitten." When they arrived, he led her gently through what sounded like very heavy doors. She could hear ethereal music... Continue Reading →

Waiting for Him

The text message read: ready to play...wait in the tub She squealed with delight and wasted no time getting undressed. She grabbed two goblets of his favorite wine, lit the candles and the fireplace. Then settled into the tub of hot water. She played in the water, careful to keep her hair dry, she... Continue Reading →

Artisan Fantasy Glamping Set

Artisan Fantasy has the ultimate gacha set at Imaginarium. This gorgeous glamping set makes for a lovely get away or put this furniture in a cute log cabin and you've got a cozy bedroom suite perfect for the upcoming months of fall of winter. Whether you get one piece or multiple pieces, this is one... Continue Reading →

Not So Enchanted

While this post is showcasing items from the latest round of Enchantment, my life atm is anything but enchanted.┬áIts only Tuesday and this is a crazy week. Far too much adulting going on for me! Mom is out of town until Saturday. The husband is sick as a dog, but refuses to stay home from... Continue Reading →


She had a strange habit of putting on her shoes before her dress. For one thing, she had to see how she was going to look wearing nothing but the shoes. Ya never know when you might just end up that way, right? She also had an addiction to shoes. She would readily admit that.... Continue Reading →

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