Picture Ideas

I absolutely adore that at least three people offered up questions/topic in response to my post, "Dangerous Proposition."  This is my final question from Troy, at least for now, and he's asked, "Where do you get your picture ideas from?" My ideas come from all sorts of places. Sometimes the clothing inspires me, other times... Continue Reading →


Crazy Cat Lady

One of the many aspects of Second Life that I adore is that you can be an animal hoarder and not be judged. You can have as many cats, dogs, cows, horses, pigs, hamsters, birds, whatever as you want and your house doesn't stink. They don't make a mess and no one reports you to... Continue Reading →

PMS & Fluffy Ducks

Alright, so my best friend, Grace Sixpence, suggested a rather odd topic in response to my "Dangerous Proposition" post.  She requested "fluffy ducks and period pains, all in the one post please!" Then she laughed, because not only does she know I'll do it, but she knows its going to be weird. It actually made... Continue Reading →

To Turn or Not to Turn

To turn or not to turn the wheel....THAT is the question. Its like putting a shiny flashing button in front of a child and telling them not to push it. I don't know about you, but I know my lil ass would have pushed the button. So, putting a giant wheel in front of me... Continue Reading →

Artistic Influences

Today's post is the answer to another question posed by Troy Nelson in response to my blog, "Dangerous Propositon." He asked, "Who are your artistic influences?" Well, this question has me stumped, because I can't cite any really. I just do my own thing. Sometimes I'm inspired by a song. Sometimes and outfit or accessory... Continue Reading →

Serial Killers and Me

The other day I posted a blog asking my readers for topics for me to write about. I presented them the opportunity to challenge me with questions or random topics. I got a few responses and as promised, I'm going to use the topics and/or answer the questions, one way or another. So, one of... Continue Reading →

Why Do I Blog?

So, I did a blog post called "Dangerous Proposition" where I asked my readers to give me topics to write about, because my creative well seems to be running dry these days. The first response I got was from my friend, Troy Nelson. He gave me four topics to start off with and this was... Continue Reading →

Dangerous Proposition

Alright, so its been happening to me a lot lately, that I'm hitting a wall when it comes to something to write about. I know, that may come as quite a shock to some of my friends as I'm usually quite chatty with them, but for some reasons I've really struggled with things to say... Continue Reading →

Dark Nights

I'm in a weird mood and the song below, not to mention the video, just kinda sums it up. So, enjoy the titties, the music, and have a great day...lol. Dorothy - Dark Nights Don't send me no angel This city's too cold 'Cause I need a man with a black heart of gold Whoa-oh-oh-ooh... Continue Reading →


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