Christmas Cooties

I'm setting up this scene, when my mom happens by and looks over my shoulder, "That's interesting. Those balls would make pretty ornaments." "They are ornaments, but I'm not ready to do Christmas themed pictures yet," I mumble. "Why is she wearing a mask?" "She doesn't want to catch Christmas Cooties!" She rolls her eyes... Continue Reading →


37 Minutes

Her: ♥ Him: ♥ Her: having a good night? Crickets She starts to panic. Did that sound passive aggressive? Of course she wanted him to have a good night. She wanted him to say something. Anything. She wanted to be with him, but her mood…well, he wasn’t ready for that. She didn’t know if he... Continue Reading →


So, my regular readers know that I love recreating fairy tale characters with my own little Sady twist, but apparently I am no where near alone on this. In fact, there are hundreds of people that do this in real life, not just here in Second Life. I recently found out that there is practically... Continue Reading →

Found another way to heal

"You know how to make me feel all alone But when I'm underneath your teeth it feels just like home You said we shouldn't make love and just fucking Found another way to heal You know you drain me of myself till I can't see straight Been thinking 'bout your body in the worst way... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Exist

I know I said I'd try not to do the lyrics thing and I've done well not to, but I'm dealing with some stuff in the real world right now that I'm not sure I even want to write about or share with the general, the lyrics will speak for me today. Olivia O'Brien... Continue Reading →

Do I Wanna Know?

"Do you ever get the feeling that you can't shift the tide That sticks around like something's in your teeth And some aces up your sleeve I had no idea that you're in deep I dreamt about you near me every night this week How many secrets can you keep' 'Cause there's this tune I... Continue Reading →

Trust Issues

"I'm just letting you know I'm emotionally unavailable I'd love to reciprocate your love but I'm incapable I know that you don't get it, but I'm just so unstable And all I could think about is how you'd be unfaithful You think that I am crazy But that, that does not phase me And no,... Continue Reading →

Cat Herder

"It checks you in and kicks you down, And chews you up and spits you out. It messes with your sanity by twisting all your thoughts around. They say it’s blind they say it waits but every time it seals your fate. And now it’s got you by the balls it won’t let go until... Continue Reading →

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