Be True to You

"You got to be true True to yourself Or you'll be a fool To somebody else" -Yelawolf - "True to Yourself" ft. Bones Owens I'm just quoting the song today. I'm not going to feed you all the lyrics, because this is not really a song post. Though I do love the newest from Yelawolf,... Continue Reading →


Tomayto, Tomahto

"Prosecuted, stabbed, tomayto, tomahto," she laughed as she stood watching the bill collector run away after dropping off the bills. Her JIAN Chipmunk Collection :: Companion looking equally intimidating. She looked down to see that the tax man had dropped his 7 - Scientific Calculator. She stomped down on the machine with her Phedora ~... Continue Reading →


I took a day offline and now I'm pressed for time, but this picture made me think of this song anyway. So, here's a song for ya...*grins* Tyra B - Tease Oh I swear she bad She know she the baddest bitch Oh she make me mad She said that I'll never get Between her... Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Nightmare

There's a new event/hunt on the grid and its called Once Upon a Nightmare. Now this is not a typical hunt or even a normal mainstore event. It's a combination of the two brought to you by the same group that runs The Epiphany. It was a bit confusing for me in the beginning, but... Continue Reading →

Violent Fantasies

Have you ever had a friend that when they get so angry at someone they begin describing to you in great detail the furious violence they'd really like to that person? Well, my friends have. It's me. I would never actually do it, of course, but for some reason I can literally picture stabbing someone... Continue Reading →

Black Magic Woman

I'm giving you a song today, because my mind is racing with all sorts of other stuff at the moment and I simply can't focus enough to write anything worthy of the picture. So, forgive me if you hate music posts and just skip to the credits or click the picture to see it better... Continue Reading →


I love books. Not just reading them, but holding them and owning them. I love the smell of a used bookstore, a library, and a new bookstore. Each one has a distinct odor of its own. I have shelves and shelves of books I have yet to read, because...well, I'm on the computer most of... Continue Reading →

Hot Damn

Well, its another music post, cuz I'm pressed for time and crazy busy again this week. So many changes going on in my life that I had to take a whole day away from the computer just to give my brain time to stop spinning. So, along with this fun photo, I've included great fun... Continue Reading →

Sady, the Lil Devil

According to Facebook many, and I do mean many, little bad influence quizzes came back with MY name on them! So, in the spirit of living up to my name, I present Sady the Lil Devil! Mind you, my friend Tracy got every single outfit in the machine trying to get this outfit and I... Continue Reading →

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