I'm not sure who put it in my head, but somewhere along this journey of life someone shared a New Year's superstition. Supposedly whatever you are doing/feeling when the clock strikes Midnight, is what you'll do or feel the most throughout the next year. Like most superstitions, I don't put a lot of weight in... Continue Reading →



Once upon a time a long time ago, people could have differing opinions without the whole world getting all up in their face with bullying remarks. Those days are over. Thanks to social media and people that think its okay to be a bullying asshole due to the anonymity of the internet, the world has... Continue Reading →

Cold Weather

I woke up with a tremendous headache and now I've got to step out into the tundra to run errands. Ok, yes, I'm exaggerating about the tundra, but its super cold outside. The temperatures are extremely low for this time of year in my area and I don't like it. I hate the cold. It... Continue Reading →

Matching Shoes

The shoes have to match! And if you're not wearing anything, lay back in a sunset and let your shoes match your nipples. What? It's a thing....ask Tyche, she matches her panties to her nipples...if she's wearing any. *grins* If you're a girl, go buy the shoes. If you're a straight're welcome? *giggles* Yeah,... Continue Reading →

Lost in Memories

Sometimes I wake up and forget my world has changed. I forget that I sleep alone while he sleeps in the other room. I have to remind myself not to reach for him, that I curl up to pillows and blankets now. It's been two years, but I still miss the struggle of not keeping... Continue Reading →

I Do Not Understand…

So, I'm a profile perver, lots of us are...sometimes someone's profile will even prompt me to speak to them. It could be something funny or inspiring. I love reading about how long a couple has been together or how close someone is to their friends. Sometimes, I find bits of conversations that are clearly a... Continue Reading →

Kindred Kitsunes

So, Jian has released these super cute little critters called Kitsunes. Now, to be clear, I know absolutely nothing about anime. I've seen a few shows, but for the most part, its just not my thing. I have nothing against it. I can definitely see the appeal, but for me...*shrugs*...I dunno...I just don't understand it.... Continue Reading →


Olivia O'Brien- Empty I can't handle these pressures All I can say is this stress hurts Things are supposed to get better I just need to put myself first I'm always trying my hardest Not to pick myself apart, this Energy's killing my vibes now Sometimes I just wanna drown out All of the thoughts... Continue Reading →

Santa’s Helper

What if with women's rights, we fought for our right to be Santa, too? Naturally, we'd do it much sexier than an old fat man in a beard, but would we stumble along the streets on Christmas eve drunk and pissing in corners, because this is the end of the gig until next year? Nah,... Continue Reading →

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