It seems strange to a lot of people that we log into this virtual world and develop such close, intimate relationships with people we may never meet face to face in the real world. I know that people joke about those that are with a new partner every other week or month. While others seem... Continue Reading →


Feeling Like a Rockstar!

Most days I don't have a great deal of confidence in myself and I'm probably harder on myself than anyone other than my parents ever has been. However, once in a while I have a day where I feel super productive and actually take some pride in myself. Today is one of those days. I'm feeling... Continue Reading →

Light as a Feather

“Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul And sings the tune without the words And never stops at all.” ― Emily Dickinson Hope is something I could not live without. I've had a really bad day from beginning to end. Actually it pretty much started right before I went to bed... Continue Reading →

Angel…uhm, ok

So, today I'm taking you on a new kind of journey. How I went from the idea for the photo to the blog post. Brace yourselves, this is going to be a weird ride. Let's start with the pose. The ad for the pose shows a girl being lifted away by a bunch of balloons (which... Continue Reading →

You Don’t See Me

Threw you the obvious and you flew with it on your back a name In your recollection down among a million same Difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed and passed over when I've looked right through to see you naked but oblivious and you don't see me But I threw you the obvious... Continue Reading →

Not So Apocalyptic

So, Grace and I had our eyes on this outfit early on. We waited and waited, finally we pounced! While standing on my platform putting my outfit together, it occurs to me that we should do some pictures together. As I'm strapping on bullets and guns, I'm thinking Wastelands! Apocalypse! Cuz we're super cute little... Continue Reading →

Ink, Lust, & Accessories

When I did my recent post, Pleasant Surprises, I had mentioned that I would show off the bracelet much better in a later post. Well, I really wasn't sure how I was going to do that, to be honest, as I've not focused on a bracelet in a photo before. However, like all great ideas... Continue Reading →

Bish vs Bitch

When I first came to Second Life in November of 2006, I was introduced to the word "bish." I didn't hear a lot of people saying it then, it was mostly my best friend and myself, because I thought it was super cute and quickly adopted it. We were best bishes and we're still friends... Continue Reading →

Get It

This is not a normal post for me, because I just keep hearing this one song whenever I look at these pictures...so today you get lyrics and the link to the song. Of course, I'll provide the deets, but c'mon...I think the lyrics and the music say it far better than I can. I prefer not... Continue Reading →


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