I Don’t Need Your Love

It seems as if I've spent the bulk of my life letting go of people, places, and things. I've got the grieving process down so well, I practically do it on auto-pilot. I learned at an early age not to count on anything to last forever. If there's one person in this world that knows... Continue Reading →


Shut Your Mouth

This is one of those times that the lyrics can say so much more than I can. Garbage - Shut Your Mouth Welcome We love you We hate you We love you We want you We need you We wish we were like you They say you're a saint You're a whore You're a sinner... Continue Reading →


Alright, let's talk. Ladies, I'm talking to you and myself. We've got to stop taking shit off these fuckers! Pay attention to the red flags! Ya know what? No, I'm not talking just to the ladies....guys, you need to listen up, too! Those red flags? Each new person you meet in SL, use the notes... Continue Reading →

His Princess

She came home with all her shopping bags and collapsed on the bed. He walked in, sat in his chair flinging his leg over one arm, "Show me, Princess. Show me everything you bought today." She modeled one outfit after another. He smiled and nodded his approval with each one. As she removed the last... Continue Reading →

Ole McF*ckit Had a Farm

Ole McFuckit had a farm...(sing along, you know you wanna) Gracey, Tracy, and Rom On that farm there was a cow... Gracey, Grace, and Grace...*giggles* With a moo moo here, and booze booze there Here a moo, there's some booze Gracey, Grace, and Grace...*bursts into giggles* Ole McFuckit had a farm... Tracy, Tracy, Trace.... On... Continue Reading →

City Lights

Sometimes a song just embodies a feeling, but combine it with just one picture and both come together to create something amazing. That's really what I hoped to do here. Palastic - City Lights City lights, the urban landscape, Stands before our eyes. City lights, our lives are caught up, In these neon lights Oh,... Continue Reading →


Yes, its another music post, because its easier for me to express myself this way sometimes. I get too real, too raw, too emotional for my own comfort sometimes. A Perfect Circle - Gravity Lost again Broken and weary Unable to find my way Tail in hand Dizzy and clearly unable to Just let this... Continue Reading →

Sleeping Beauty

Alright, so do we even want to get into the whole evil step mother thing again? What's with these fairy tale dads marrying these psychotic women, anyway. Let's face it. These days, this girl hooked up with some asshole from the internet, got roofied and stashed in a room. Men came by, paid the abductor... Continue Reading →

Sex Toy Story

So, I'm sure most everybody is familiar with the Toy Story movies. As most major movies have a porn version, or so I've heard. I can't help but wonder what the Sex Toy Story would be like. Naturally, the owner of the toys would be an adult woman, because this would be much more fun.... Continue Reading →


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