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Oh no!

This is was very much like my face in RL today when I was faced with one crappy thing after another! I thought I was going to pull my hair out. I wanted to crawl back into bed and never get out. I really wanted to cancel my RL account, but alas, that never works! Then some awesome things happened in SL to kinda turn my day around. I’m so grateful for this virtual world and all the amazing people in it. So, just a quick post to show off my pretty nails and rings…cuz I can. I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!


hair:   TRUTH HAIR Cheri (*new* @ Uber)
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
eyes: CATWA Mesh Eyes w/-SU!– [CATWA & OMEGA HUD] Xenira Eyes ALL COLORS
eyeshadow::SG:: Let’sGo Shadow – JESSICA HEAD :: Catwa
ears: .:E.A.Studio:. Box Ears Falling Star
dimples: Izzie’s – Catwa Dimples Hud
lipstick: [PF] CATWA LIPSTICK Applier – Glossy Pout
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Astralia – Compatible mesh nails
GingerFish -Nail Applier-Astralia-Bloody Kisses
**RE** Luxy Rings Set
[ kunst ] – Wire ring
pose: BodyLanguage SLC Bento SS POSE PuniPuni C (*new* @ Kustom9)

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These Boots

“These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you”
Nancy Sinatra These Boots Are Made for Walkin’

I’m pretty sure most of us have seen the video of Nancy prancing about with her back up singers as she sings about the famous walking boots. However, surely those weren’t the boots she was wearing when she wrote that song. I’ve taken a nice hard look at those boots with that tiny little heel and those boots weren’t even made for standing, much less walkin! Seems like she should have been wearing hiking boots if she really wanted me to believe her boots were made for walking.
Sady, its a metaphor!
I’m aware of that…I am, but let me have my Sheldon moment, will ya?

Well, at least in Second Life we don’t have to worry about being practical, cuz these boots right here? You can walk, dance, prance, run…your little pixel feet will never get tired!


hair:  /Wasabi Pills/ Happy Mesh Hair
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
dimples: Izzie’s – Catwa Dimples Hud
lipstick: [PF] CATWA LIPSTICK Applier – Glossy Pout
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara
tattoo: ::Nanika::.Margarita White (*new* @ SaNaRae)

MINIMAL – Dina Necklace Silver
– Chai Slip Dress (*new* @ Uber)
Phedora ~  Abigail Boots (*new* @ Uber)

pose: Del May
backdrop: [Bad Unicorn] ‘The Warehouse’ Backdrop

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Shoot From the Hip

“Shoot from the hip,” is a phrase that’s been used in reference to me…well, pretty much my whole life, by my mother mostly, because I don’t seem to have much of a filter. Believe it or not, I really do have one. I leave much more unsaid than I actually blurt out, but even the best filter allows for something to slip through, right? *laughs* I envy those with quick wit. My wit tends to be a bit slower and my comebacks usually occur hours to weeks later. However, that doesn’t stop me from mouthing off…nor does my weak filter or my slow wit. Its also why I’m not great at customer service without being completely fake. I don’t mind helping people, mind you, but I have limits on how far I’m willing to go with stupid people and I’m sure as hell not going to stand there idly with a smile on my face while someone rants on and on about their petty little complaints, especially when their complaint has absolutely nothing to do with me! Ok, so I’m a little scrappy, but something I learned from grandmother was that its always better to be honest. Granted, I don’t have her great talent for making the truth sound like honey on a warm biscuit, but you will definitely get the truth from me.

L&B gingerfish codex_002

bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Astralia – Compatible mesh nails system
GingerFish -Nail Applier-Astralia-Fairy Glitter
CODEX_BRACELETS ZAYRA (*new* @ Cosmopolitan)

L&B *   LARAFit Swear Dita Denim Jeans (*new* @ Uber)

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Its Pretty Simple

“A broken heart is a broken heart. To take measure is a cruelty.” Cyrus Beene Scandal
(Yes, I’ve been binging on Scandal via Netflix, but when I heard Cyrus say that to Mellie I was moved to tears.)

We all handle our pain and heartaches differently, but at the end of the day it is beyond cruel to compare one’s situation to another. I thought about how differently people react to the loss of love, the loss of friendships…not just the loss of loved ones, but break ups…lost jobs…betrayal. All of these things can completely change a life…even one’s personality.  Why would anyone compare one tragedy to another? Why would someone possibly insist that their plight is worse than another? It saddens me to think that anyone would suggest that their heart break is more painful orheavier than another’s. Why on earth would it even matter? Why suggest to someone that what they are going through can’t possibly be as bad as what you’re going through? I can’t believe that it makes either person feel any better. This can’t be stressed enough, but I think its important to remind each other that we’re all human. We all need encouragement and love. Don’t kick someone while they’re down by suggesting their pain is anything less than what they feel. Please treat each other with kindness, with dignity, and respect. Its pretty simple…treat each other how you want to be treated. ♥

bueno romper

hair: little bones. Twyla – The Blend  (*new* @ Uber)
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
dimples: Izzie’s – Catwa Dimples Hud
lipstick: [PF] CATWA LIPSTICK Applier – Glossy Pout
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara
tattooRedFish – Arabesque tattoo (*new* @ Suicide Dollz)

BUENO-Romper-Mat-White Blue (*new* @ Uber)
#EMPIRE – Lunaria – Maitreya – Wedge (March Luxe Box)

pose: Del May
location: TaKe Heart


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Have Some Water

There are a lot of phrases and terms that seem to come with each new generation. I’m hold enough to remember when “Ooooh BURNNNN” was a big deal and I admit, I said it a lot. Another one I remember was “NOT!” I’m quite sure I’m guilty of overusing that one as well. I’m sure there were many more that I wasn’t even aware of and plenty that struck a nerve. One word that kills me these days is “bae”…you’re not saving syllabils by leaving out the 2nd b, so why? Although, I will admit that when I’m drunk, babe sounds a lot like bae…so maybe they’re just mentally challenged? Nah, they think it’s cute. I get it. I don’t like it, but I get it. My favorite current term is “thirsty,” and never have I seen a word more perfectly applicable in SL. Now, I’m not talking about the way women dress, because come on…it is SL and only here can we walk out of our homes looking and feeling unbelievably sexy AND well dressed, all while showing our undies and barely covering our bits? I’m talking about the way some girls behave. The way they carry themselves and interact with people.
I was talking to someone the other day about how we’ve played SL side by side our RL spouses and seen the way girls will IM them, even with us standing right next to them in SL. Despite the fact that profiles say that he’s taken, that he’s with his true love in RL as well as SL…these thirsty bitches will still IM a man and practically perform oral sex without knowing if he’s even remotely interested. Aside from the complete disregard for other women, which come on…how low must you be to go there? Surely you don’t expect to obtain a loyal lover by luring him away from someone else. Let’s just talk for a minute about how these women will just throw themselves at a man…offering up every little tidbit of themselves all for the sake of…what? Attention? I don’t get it. I’m just not one that wants to go after what isn’t available. Sure, I get it that sometimes friendships lead to things of a less than desirable situation, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I get it…stuff happens. No one is perfect. However, to knowingly go after a man you know full well is taken on every level? To profess your love to someone who hasn’t offered you anything more than a friendly hello? Girls, please, stop selling yourself so short. If we’d all just act how we want each other to act, just maybe we could all stop looking over our shoulders. A man worth having isn’t going to be swayed by that sort of thing anyway, so what are you really proving to yourself by trying to steal another’s man or even running behind your friends picking up their scraps. Have some water, girl, stop being so damn thirsty. Its really quite sad and you aren’t doing yourself any favors by acting in such a manner. Be kind to one another. Be supportive and encouraging. Be the person you wish others would be…and keep in mind that karma is a real bitch and she fights real dirty. Is that the kind of thing you want coming back to you someday? Trust me, its not. Go forth, be happy, be kind…and above all else? Happy shopping!♥

chic moda jett2_002

hair:  little bones. Alaya  (*new* @ Uber)
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
dimples: Izzie’s – Catwa Dimples Hud
lipstick: [PF] CATWA LIPSTICK Applier – Glossy Pout
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Amacci – River Collar
MINIMAL – Tysa Necklace Silver  (*new* @ Uber)
Rowne.Olesya Lace Coat – White.Small
ChicModa // Jett II
[Juju] Tokyo (garter & fishnets)

pose: . Infiniti .
location: Maison de L’amitie

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Vacation Shopping

Have  you ever really shopped until you dropped? I have. Its the most wonderfully, exhausted feeling and nothing compares to it. Of course, the absolute best time to shop until you drop is while you’re on vacation. While on vacation, you can spread all new pretties out around you in the room without feeling that obligation to find them all a new home…hidden away in closets, boxes, and drawers.  Then you can either order room service and relax as you revel in you treasures…OR…you can get dolled up in some of your new things and show them off at a fancy restaurant. Yes, shopping till you drop is definitely one of my favorite activities when on vacation…ok, well it used to be. My butt is so tired these days…the ideal vacation would be just a relaxing weekend away from all my responsibilities.


You can shop until your lindens drop in SL without too much exhaustion, especially now that Shoetopia is open. Ladies…this is one of those events to end us all. Fellas? Take your woman to this event…spoil her…she is going to love you real hard…I can almost guarantee it!  Shoes galore! This truly is a heavenly event! Okay, grab your details below and off you go…Happy Shopping!♥


Sady is wearing:
hair: [RA] Cinderella Hair
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
ears: .:E.A.Studio:. Box Ears Falling Star
dimples: Izzie’s – Catwa Dimples
lipstick: [PF] CATWA LIPSTICK Applier – Glossy Pout
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara
nails: ~GD~Doll Anthem(Long Coffin)

*LODE* Head Accessory – Leila
**RE** Luxy Rings
**RE** ReVoX Aros Couple Bracelet

ISON – ary dress -maitreya- (March Luxe Box)
BUENO-Elle Boot-Mat-Burned (*new* @ Shoetopia)

poses: Bauhaus Movement
location: Pandora Resort

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“There are many who don’t wish to sleep for fear of nightmares. Sadly, there are many who don’t wish to wake for the same fear.”
Richelle E. Goodrich, Dandelions: The Disappearance of Annabelle Fancher

I woke up shortly after 2am from one of the absolute worst nightmares. Essentially is was a horror movie and I was the star victim! Lucky me! Why is it that when I’m having some incredible dream about Jason Momoa and how he’s about to ravage me over the side of a well, but I wake up from the dog barking…I can never get back into that dream once I fall back asleep? Oh but have a nightmare about being driven out of a house by a madman that’s lighting the place on fire? Oh sure, get up…go pee…tell the dog to stop scratching…crawl back between the warm sheets…close my eyes…and boom…I’m right back where I left off as if I’d merely paused the damn movie! Yeah, screw that…I’m up…I’m up…not going back into that dream. Worst part is, I have no idea why I dreamed such madness. I don’t even remember the last time I saw a scary movie! Nothing in that dream was remotely familiar. Must’ve been a night for bad dreams, because shortly after I woke up…I could hear my mother screaming in her sleep, too. *sighs* This should definitely be an interesting day. I, for one, plan on taking a nice nap and it better be peaceful, damnit!

fri. – Sadie Platforms (*new* @ Shoetopia)

06. [ kunst ] – Vintage speaker (a)
01. [ kunst ] – Vintage audio rack RARE
04. [ kunst ] – Vintage tape deck
03. [ kunst ] – Vintage tuner
06. [ kunst ] – Vintage speaker (b)

{what next} Pile of Vinyl (mesh)
07. [ kunst ] – Vinyl records pile
08. [ kunst ] – Vintage People album
09. [ kunst ] – Audio tapes
BAZAR Stockholm-Music tapes
BAZAR Stockholm-Headphones (decor)
Vinyl (packaging)


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Looking Back

Looking back at my life’s voyage, I can only say that it has been a golden trip. Ginger Rogers

From time to time, I really struggle with what I want to write about as I blog. Its been just over a year now that I’ve returned to the blogging scene and as I look back over some of my early blogs I’m flooded with memories, some good..some not so good. Mostly, I’m smiling as I relive bits and pieces of my journey. I see how I’ve grown. I relived a few painful moments. I laughed at my own jokes. It has been an amazing personal journey. Therapeutic, yes, but also fun. It’s just been a lot of fun for me to take photos, showcase designs from across the grid, and to share bits of myself with whoever was willing to take the time to read my ramblings. I’m so grateful for the opportunities afforded me from blogging. I’m even more grateful for the all of the incredible people that blogging has introduced into my life. In some ways, I wish I had stuck with blogging years ago, but I had absolutely no idea what I was doing back then. It’s only with the help of my friends that I even have the beginning of a clue now. Meh, there I go rambling again…so let’s just skip to the best part…the details. All the details are listed below the photo…just make the most of your own journey and thank you…thank you for being part of mine. ♥



hair:   (r)M Hair No.38’15
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
dimples: Izzie’s – Catwa Dimples Hud
lipstick: [PF] CATWA LIPSTICK Applier – Glossy Pout
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Amacci Collar – River (*new* @ Cosmopolitan)
**RE** Luxy Rings

ChicModa// Hazel Top (March BishBox)
Addams // Malena Denim Short High Rise // Maitreya

pose: Kirin
location: Hazardous

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Bringing Sexy Back

“I’m bringing sexy back
Them other boys don’t know how to act
I think you’re special, what’s behind your back?
So turn around and I’ll pick up the slack.”
Justin Timberlake Sexy Back

I’d thought I’d bring some sexy back to my page by sharing a picture of the man I drool over every single day and really it was the best way to blog these items from Codex, as they are at Men Only Monthly. Who needs clothes when you wear accessories like that? Right? Well, you’re welcome, ladies…now just remember you can look and you can drool, but he’s mine…so hands off…I’m talking to you, Nikole…*giggles* If I go missing, it’ll be because he killed me for embarrassing him with this post or I might just disappear for a few days. *snickers* You can send a search party, but please make sure they are equipped with locksmith skills, kthx!

man meat

So, yeah, just a quick little post to show off these awesome little goodies from Codex. Enjoy!♥

Josh is wearing:
hair: *Dura-Boy*70(Dark brown)
head: CATWA HEAD Daniel
ears: .:E.A.Studio:. Box Ears Falling Star
bodySlink Physique Male Mesh Body
tattoo: DAPPA – Pharaoh Tattoo.

CODEX_SUNGLASSES URANUS (*new* @ Men Only Monthly)
CODEX_NECKLACE KATO (*new* @ Men Only Monthly)

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Return of Spring

I can’t speak for every corner of the globe, but it certainly seems as though winter and spring have had quite the torrid affair this year. My tulips were blooming at the end of February as it was unusually warm. Hell, we ever had our windows open at night for a several days in a row. Until last week, my area (Northern Alabama) had one day of winter a week, the rest were more like spring. Then last week, we were back to the frigid tundra. It was cold and dreary, windy and rainy. Yesterday, the temperatures were so warm we were able to bathe the dog outside. I’m hoping this is the end of the wonky weather and this return of Spring temperatures if finally official. I absolutely adore Spring. The birth of flowers and sense of renewal that comes with crisp spring morning air…yes, its exactly what my tired spirit needs as I approach the next twelve months of my real life. I am filled with hope and wonder. I’m hoping that things really do work out for the best and I’m wondering what this next few steps in my life holds, because these are the final chapters of a very dark period of my life.

return of spring

I’m looking forward to overcoming some very serious fears. I’m about to face down some of my fiercest demons. And I’m going to win…or die trying. I have decided that I did not come this far in my life to just roll over and surrender to circumstances, regardless of what part I’ve played along the way. Its time for me to step up and do what’s right for me. I hope that the return of spring will fill you all with hope and wonder. In the meantime….*grins*…Happy Shopping!♥

head: CATWA HEAD Lona
eyes: CATWA Mesh Eyes w/-SU!– [CATWA & OMEGA HUD] Xenira Eyes ALL COLORS
dimples: Izzie’s – Catwa Dimples Hud
lipstick: [PF] CATWA LIPSTICK Applier – Glossy Pout
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara

**RE** Simone Heart Collar
[Cynful] Coax Necklace (March 2017 Groupgift)
The Annex – Daisy – Floral 4 – (*new* @ Tres Chic)

pose: Bounce Poses
location: Luane’s Magical World