Push or Play

She growls at her phone, tempted to throw the sadistic invention smashing into a wall as she fails to complete that insidious level that she’s been stuck on for weeks. Oh sure, make it easy at first. Make it alluring with their delicious candy crushing abilities. Then begins the journey into the dark forest of... Continue Reading →


Easter Fun

There are plenty of controversial theories about the origins of Easter and I will not even begin to dig into that topic, particularly in a Second Life blog. Those that know me well, pretty much know where I stand on religion as a whole and that’s good enough for me. Once upon a time, Easter... Continue Reading →

Live or Die

“Live or die,” she says as she dropped the transplanted hosta into its new home in her garden. The she carefully placed some cool from the shade rocks at its base and smiled, “I hope you like your new home.” Taken out of context, I think my friend might come out sounding a bit careless.... Continue Reading →

Pretty Things Just Taste Better

“Pretty things just taste better,” she purred as she pulled only the prettiest grapes off the bunch, popping one in her glittering red mouth before putting the rest on her plate. She was quite accustomed to pretty things…pretty men, pretty cars, pretty jewelry, pretty clothes, a pretty reflection, and most importantly pretty delusions. She no... Continue Reading →


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