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White Flag

I’m guessing by now that my regular readers have noticed that I’m trying very hard to get away from posting song links & copy/pasting lyrics. I’ve decided instead to explain why some songs are so special to me and why they’ve ended up on my personal soundtrack. So, now if you’re interested the video is embedded at the bottom of the post and if you right click on it, you can open that up in a new window.
Alright, so Dido’s White Flag….this song means so freaking much to me. It reminds me of a real life relationship I had many years ago with a guy we’ll call Bran. I fell in love with Dido about the same time I fell for him. Sadly, he didn’t quite love me the same way and my love for him was a tad bit unrequited. Though, you couldn’t convince any of our friends that we weren’t a couple. *laughs* Its a much longer story than I care to type out. However, with that said, I did have to finally let go…as I found something rather suspicious on his computer and I was never comfortable around him again. *sighs* At the time that I had such strong feelings for Bran, there’s simply nothing anyone could have said to make me give up, thus this song resonated with me.

seeing dots

Sady is wearing:
hair: [monso] My Hair – Summer  (*new* @ FaMESHed)
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
skin: [theSkinnery]  Saska
!Rebel Hope – Nancy Mesh Dress (*new* @ Uber)

pose: [ATI] Tamar Set (*new* @ ELITE)
FOXCITY. K-POP Star 2. (4) Hush – White (Common) (*new* @ Arcade)

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You’ll See Me Return

Sometimes when I get in the zone of taking photos like I did yesterday, I will turn on one of my youtube playlists and let the music guide me through my personal maze of creativity. This song has been a favorite of mine for so very long. With yesterday being Valentine’s day and finding out that my RL husband has a new girlfriend was uhm….how can I put this delicately? Yeah, there’s not a way, so I’ll just leave it here like a lead weight and you can imagine for yourself. So, while I didn’t link the entire song’s lyrics….yes, it is still mostly a music post.

“And I never meant to hurt you
I swear I didn’t mean
Those things I said
I never meant to do that to you
Next time I’ll keep my hands to myself instead
Oh, does she love you
What do you want to do?
Does she need you like I do?
Do you love her?
Is she good for you?
Does she hold you like I do?
Do you want me?
Should I leave?
I know you’re always telling me
That you love me
Just sometimes I wonder If I should believe
Oh, I love you God,
I love you
I’d kill a dragon for you
I’ll die”
~Sinead O’Connor Troy

GiaRewind Cosmetics
You should’ve left the light on

*LODE* Head Accessory – Juliet [iceberg]
hair: Stealthic – Passion (*new* @ C88)
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
skin: Glam Affair –- MaryJane – Catwa Mesh Head Applier
Bossie. Y2K eyeshadows  (*new* @ REWIND)
Bossie. Y2K lipsticks & gloss (*new* @ REWIND)
EF: Majesty Choker (*new* @ FaMESHed)
!Rebel Hope – Gia Mesh Dress (*new* @ FaMESHed)

pose is just from my AO

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On the Wings of Paper Birds

As a form of self-defense, I’ve developed a rather painful habit. I have a tendency to date people that will rip my heart into pieces. I go into these relationships knowing almost exactly how its going to end. I know they are not healthy and I know its going to hurt in the end. Yet, here’s the thing. These relationships are safe. I realize that sounds strange, but there’s no risk involved. I know going in that its going to end and its going to hurt. However, knowing THAT allows me to be prepared. I even have a nice little post break up ritual. My own little grieving process, if you will.

The good guy finishes last, because he’s too risky. The good guy scares the shit out of me. I might actually begin to trust a good guy and that leaves me far too vulnerable. And THAT is a risk I’m not willing to take. Why? Because every single time I’ve let myself believe in something good it has gotten ripped out from under me. Now I know to let hope fly away on the wings of paper birds, because all it’s gonna take is one good rain to wash it all away.

painful habit
I believe, I believe in a line so thin
There’s a light, there’s a light and it pulls me in
Going down, going down ’til I chip my chin
Take my head in your hands, pop it with a pin

hair:  [BAD HAIR DAY] – Lacuna (*new* @ Kinky)
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
ears: ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ears
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
skin: Glam Affair –- MaryJane – Catwa Mesh Head Applier – Artic (*new* @ Kinky)
[Cubic Cherry] {After} gasmask
…:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… Reckless Collar
**RE** Exene Rings & Claws
_CandyDoll_ Corina Jumper
!Rebel Hope – Lydia Mesh Boots

pose: FOXCITY. Numb Bento Pose Set
FOXCITY. Weightless Booth (VIP Gift 02-18)

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Norwegian Forest Cats

These are such beautiful cats, but my experience with them in RL has not been pleasant. You see, my mother had one for almost 20yrs. She wasn’t purebred and was fixed far too young, so she didn’t grow into her full size. However, she maintained all the other characteristics. The ONLY person she liked was my mother. She would hiss and claw at anyone and everyone else. She tolerated other cats, but only if they respected her space. She was absolutely gorgeous though. I wanted so badly to snuggle her, but she would have no part in that. Regardless of how hateful my mother’s cat was in RL, these gorgeous Forest cats from Jian are a must have. Absolutely adorable like all of their pets.
You probably thought I was about to teach you something about these critters, huh? Nah, that’s what Google is for….g’head, go learn. ♥



hair: pr!tty – Dakota (*new* @ TCF)
head: CATWA HEAD Uma
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
skin: DeeTaleZ  “Merrylu” Mixedtype
!Rebel Hope – Tally Mesh Sweater Dress  (*new* @ FaMESHed)
!Rebel Hope – Wella Mesh Knit Leg Warmers (*new* @ FaMESHed)

JIAN Forest Cats (*new* @ FaMESHed)

pose: Foxcity Sits Vol3 Set
Driftwood Beach Den from Studio Skye 1

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Build or Destroy

As we approach a new year, we have a tendency to make changes or at least attempt to make changes. We want to end some habits and start others. I’ve read that it takes anywhere between 21-66 days to develop a habit or break one. So, let’s say you just want to drink an extra glass of water every morning. That’s an easy one that will probably take about 3 weeks. You want to go to the gym 3 times a week, well, that might take a couple of months. The same is true for breaking habits.  So, as we approach a new year, its a great time for us to decide whether we’re going to build or destroy ourselves as well as each other.

Build or Destroy

hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Gia hair  (*new* @ Kustom9)
head: CATWA HEAD Lilly
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
!Rebel Hope – Holiday Gift Earrings 2017
Cae :: Elena :: Collection (Dec FaMESHed)
Astralia – Compatible mesh nails system
^^Swallow^^ Shiny Bento Rings
Scandalize. MADEVA  (RARE Fatpack) (Dec Pocket Gacha)

pose:  Foxcity Lippy Set
Foxcity. Photo Booth – Choices GG12-17

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Bring Home the Bacon

With the Rewind event and all the retro styles that are swirling about the grid these days, I am in love! I love the fashion from the old days. I love mixing old and new. I’m also so glad that we can revisit the era with fashion without reliving the turmoils of World War II or segregation…or the lack of women’s rights. As much as we struggle with the world today, we still have a lot to be grateful for. I am so glad to have never lived a day of my life in segregated school. Sadly, homosexuals had to remain in the closet when I was growing up or they faced awful discrimination. Those brave souls that stepped forward paved a path for us all. Throughout time, it took just a handful to start a revolution and over the course of time with lots of determined souls, change happened. Though sometimes it feels like we take two steps forward and on step back, we are still moving forward and so we shall. We no longer wait for the men to bring home the bacon, we can carve it up and cook it ourselves.

pin up girl
I brought home the bacon, dear, you can fry it up in the pan. *winks*

hair:  Wasabi // Joan Mesh Hair (*new* @ REWIND)
head: CATWA HEAD Tala
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
Narcisse– Adalynne Cardigan – Blue Smoke (*new* @ REWIND)
!Rebel Hope – Tracy Mesh Skort
Phedora ~ Cristy platforms ~ 28 c (*new* @ Sad November)

pose: Foxcity Hightlights Vol2 Set
Astrallia – Pin up life backgrounds (Kitchen) (*new* @ REWIND)

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Stop Right There

I can’t help it, but this picture just gets a song stuck in my head. So, I feel as though I must share the ear worm with my readers, just in case you didn’t have the same idea. There’s just this one line from the song that comes to mind the minute I see this picture and now the song is stuck in my head and has been ever since. So, here goes….Paradise by the Dashboard Lights by Meatloaf. I’m not linking the lyrics, cuz c’mon, surely y’all know this song by now! I did put the part of the song that’s been stuck in my head under the picture though.

Stop right there!
I gotta know right now!
Before we go any further!
Do you love me?
Will you love me forever?
Do you need me?
Will you never leave me?
Will you make me so happy for the rest of my life?
Will you take me away and will you make me your wife?
Do you love me!?
Will you love me forever?
Do you need me!?
Will you never leave me!?
Will you make me happy for the rest of my life!?
Will you take me away and will you make me your wife!?
I gotta know right now
Before we go any further
Do you love me!?
Will you love me forever!?

hair:  tram G1025 hair (*new* @ C88)
head: CATWA HEAD Tala
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
DE Designs – Kara Vest (*new* @ 4Mesh)
!Rebel Hope – Lala Mesh Mini Skirt (*new* @ 4Mesh)

pose: Foxcity Hella Cute Set
[ isuka ] izakaya backdrop

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Virtual Urban Legends

Even in a virtual world, there are Urban Legends. Some are true, some are not. For instance, did you know that when you see an actual Linden inworld, you can ask them for a bear? You will receive a unique bear designed by THAT Linden. This legend used to be true. I don’t know if they still do it, because I simply don’t have any desire for another useless object to sit in my inventory and take up space. Other less believable legends are like the notorious biker gangs on the grid that will find you in real life and mess you up if you ever cross them. I don’t know if that’s true or not. I’ve not heard of anyone that has actually experienced their wrath in RL, but I’m certainly not going out of my way to find out, either. In other several MMOs there are what’s know as Easter Eggs. Where if you do complete certain tasks you’ll receive a certain prize. There’s often hidden loot, that is rather obscure and not well known. Back to Second Life, I’ve heard that there are porn stars and famous people on the grid, but in what world they are stars or famous, I’m just not quite sure. I’ve even heard of Blogging Burnout. I never imagined that this could ring true for me, as I have this insufferable need to blog all the time. However, I’m starting to believe in it as I feel my well of creativity running dry. Please don’t misunderstand. I still love blogging and I absolute love being a Blogger Manager. And to be completely fair, I don’t know that my well is running dry, but I really want to do something more creative…more me and words have failed me far more often that I’d like to admit. So, in the coming weeks, I might be experimenting with some new photography techniques. As for my writing? Well, I don’t know. I’m sure I’ll come up with something. Perhaps more songs, poems, short stories, or just the ramblings of my own mind.

Wine is Fine

hair: MINA – Romy (*new* @ FaMESHed)
head: CATWA HEAD Tala
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
Maddict – Lea Belly Piercing – Babygirl
BUENO-Sweet Sweaters (*new* @ FaMESHed)
!Rebel Hope – Ellen Mesh Thigh High Boots (*new* @ FaMESHed)

pose: FOXCITY. Stairs (Sitting) Bento Pose Set

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My Blogging Journey – #SecondLifeChallenge

I’m stepping up to do another Strawberry Singh challenge! Yep and this one is all about my blogging journey.

  1. How long have you been blogging about Second Life? I started once many years ago, but didn’t stick with it. I didn’t really know about Flickr and thought it was a good way to show off the awful pictures I was taking. I really thought they were good at the time. *laughs* I started my current blog in March 2016, so the answer would be a year and half…math is hard.
  2. Why did you start blogging? two years ago, I went through one of the hardest times in my life. I acted out and behaved recklessly. I watched my dear friend, Kess Crystal, who was also going through a lot. She was getting better and she had dove into her blog for therapeutic purposes. I had been taking much better pictures the previous year and decided that I would try blogging again. Perhaps it would therapeutic for me, too. It did and it continues to be a great outlet for my emotions and creativity.
  3. How many times a week/month do you post? More often than not, at least once a day. Sometimes twice a day. Once in a blue moon, I take one day off a week.
  4. Do you keep track of how many hits or subscribers you have? I did in the beginning. I was practically obsessed with it. I look about once a month now or after a blog that particularly special to me.
  5. Which electronic devices do you use to blog with? Just my PC. I can’t imagine doing it any other way.
  6. Do you monetize your blog? If so, do you mind sharing how much you make approximately? No, I don’t. However, because of my amazing sponsors I do manage to save a ton on shopping. So, in a way, I guess you could say I do, but I can’t really put a price tag on that.
  7. What has Second life blogging  taught you? Wow, it really has taught me so much, but to list everything…I’m not sure I could. I’ve learned the value of self marketing, good manners, being true to myself, better organization skills, and so very much more.
  8. Do you feel like Second Life blogging takes away from your real life? It can only take what I give. So, no, right now it enriches my life. It will always be up to me to maintain a balance between real life and Second Life.
  9. Do you have a mission statement for your blog, if so, what is it? Not really, if anything I have a mission statements for my life: I do what I want. My blog, my way.
  10. Share your top 3 tips for new bloggers/vloggers.
    Do this because you love it, not for free stuff. They will know the difference.
    b. Don’t take rejection personally. It’s impossible to know why they like this blogger over that one. I didn’t fully understand that until I became a blog manager. I assure you, it is not personal.
    c.  Be true to yourself. Don’t blog for a store you don’t fully support. Your integrity is not worth free stuff. Remember why you started doing this in the first place.

my blogging journey

hair: :::Phoenix::: Siarra Hair Group Gift
head: CATWA HEAD Tala
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
EarthStones Eyeglasses – The Countess
!Rebel Hope – Rina Mesh Shirt Dress (*new* @ FaMESHed)

pose created using AnyPose

:HAIKEI: Old industrial skybox
Dead Dollz – Vacanze Romane – Suitcase
[ zerkalo ] Huge pile of books RARE
E-Clipse Desiderio Ankle Boots Black
:HAIKEI: where you’ve been /gacha {4}
uK – Toboggan Shelf Set
uK – Autumn Books and Deco
uK – Autumn Golden Eggs Nested
uK – Autumn Glass Vase
*YS&YS* Wardrobe Shelf 05
uK – Lady Boss Conference Runner (*new* @ FaMESHed)
uK – Lady Boss Conference Pouffe Pink (*new* @ FaMESHed)
uK – Lady Boss Conference Pouffe Silver (*new* @ FaMESHed)
uK – Lady Boss Conference Short (*new* @ FaMESHed)
uk – Lady Boss Conference Laptop (*new* @ FaMESHed)
uK – Lady Boss Conference Hanging Lights (*new* @ FaMESHed)
Dead Dollz – Natural Diva – Nude Palette
Dead Dollz – Natural Diva – Smokey Palette
Dead Dollz – Natural Diva – Colors Palette
28.erratic / cwe – stack of books 1
MINIMAL – Memories Gacha Notebooks *3*
tres blah– Hodgepodge – Wine Duet
tres blah– Jolie – Makeup Organizer
Quasi – Opened Jewelry Box
uK – Lady Boss Conference Geo Planters (*new* @ FaMESHed)
{A} Annabel Lee Books Pile
tres blah– Hodgepodge – Morning Start
tb– Vanity – Nail Polishes
tb– Vanity – Platter of Treasures
tres blah– Eclectic Collection – Round Cloche
tres blah– Jolie – Vintage Bottle
Second Spaces – Makeup Junkie – eyes
tres blah– Eclectic Collection – Makeup Bag
Zaara [home] : 12 Attar perfume bottles
tb– Vanity – Brushes
Quasi – Standing Jewelry Box
[ zerkalo ] Black & White – Hair Care
Second Spaces – Makeup Junkie – palettes
+Half-Deer+ Cutie Clutter – Hair Accessories (Pastel)
tres blah– Hodgepodge – What’s in My Bag RARE
Glam-Jewelry box by BAZAR

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One Love

One of the many things I love about SL is the way people rally around one another to show their love and support.  Last night I was surrounded by people that love me as Josh and Grace put together the most amazing surprise birthday party for me. However, this is NOT what this post is about! This post about how the designers and creators have come together to support a fellow creator. I’m going to give you a very well written link that will tell you everything you could want to know about the event and more.

For Max

One Love

hair:  TRUTH / Kare (May VIP)
head: CATWA HEAD Tala
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
!Rebel Hope – Max Love Sweatshirt Dress (For Max)

pose: FUSSY x FOXCITY. Selfie Set (includes Mobile Phone)
MINIMAL – Subway Backdrop -Black