I Need to See You

Natalia M. King - I Need to See You A battered heart is just another start to a waiting lay me down and die story. long are the days with my impulsive ways I start to trouble I start to worry  God help me if I'm right God help me if I'm wrong don't wanna... Continue Reading →


Tangled Up In You

A picture and a song to celebrate our love. Its really just that simple and I proudly tell the world. ♥ (I did warn you all that its another crazy busy week for me, too.) Tangled Up In You - Staind You're my world, the shelter from the rain You're the pills that take away... Continue Reading →

That Look

I recently asked my friends on Facebook to link some songs that made them want to dance and sing. I was looking for songs that make you move. Why? Because I love doing housework with my wireless headphones and loud music. I will turn every chore into a dance...not just sweeping and mopping. I gathered... Continue Reading →

Morning Meditation

Last year when I was going through a particularly rough time, my friend Charlotte gave me a non religious meditation book. Those are surprisingly hard to find in my area. Anyway, its one of my favorite ways to start the day. Reading the daily meditation with a cup of coffee and...*hangs her head*...a cigarette. So,... Continue Reading →


Its another song post, but I'm hoping you'll kinda feel the connection between the picture and the music. I'm a little obsessed with this band at the moment and if you're not familiar with them...well, check them out. So, as always I'm providing a YouTube link and the lyrics. You also have the option of... Continue Reading →

To AraCakes with Love

I grew up listening to my mom telling stories about hanging out at the soda fountain at the pharmacy after school. The closest thing I had to that was my last two years of high school, we'd all park at Corner Grocery, which was really a Texaco station, get drunk and dance in the gravel... Continue Reading →

If I Have an Angel

I was born on a Sunday morning. My devote Christian grandmother told my mom that it meant I would have extra angels looking over me. As I was not a particularly graceful child (or adult for that matter) my mother would often say, "Your angels are working overtime today!" As I got older and continued... Continue Reading →

Oh no!

This is was very much like my face in RL today when I was faced with one crappy thing after another! I thought I was going to pull my hair out. I wanted to crawl back into bed and never get out. I really wanted to cancel my RL account, but alas, that never works! Then... Continue Reading →

Shoot From the Hip

"Shoot from the hip," is a phrase that's been used in reference to me...well, pretty much my whole life, by my mother mostly, because I don't seem to have much of a filter. Believe it or not, I really do have one. I leave much more unsaid than I actually blurt out, but even the... Continue Reading →


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