That Awesome Moment When…

That awesome moment when, you take one friend to a shoe store to join their awesome VIP group and see that they have lucky letter boards with quality shoes up for grabs. BOOM! Your letter comes up on an awesome pair of shoes. Then you see that another board has the letter of one of your best friends. BOOM! She shows up, grabs the shoes and they just so happen to match a dress she bought earlier that day. I mean they match as if they were made for that dress. The next awesome moment is when you realize that you and your friend both own that dress in different colors, you pose for a picture in her front yard and BOOM! You’ve got your next awesome blog post. Tadaaaa! (yes, I know how many times I said awesome, cuz I’m just that awesome)


Tracy is wearing:
/Wasabi Pills/ Rowan Mesh Hair  (*new* @Uber)
/artilleri/Hibi hair flower *white*
MG-Earrings Kirenna Teardrop pearl
Cae :: Flutter Ring (R)
(Yummy) Birthstone Ring – October – Opal (L)
ISON – bodysuit lace dress (navy) (*new* @Uber)
#EMPIRE-Bergamot shoes-Marine (lucky letter board @ Empire Mainstore)

Sady is wearing:
TRUTH HAIR Elira – variety (*new* @Uber)
[White~Widow] Charade – Henna – RARE
ISON – bodysuit lace dress (nude) (*new* @Uber)
ISON – badland heels (nude) (*new* @Uber)

pose: !bang – BFFE


Life’s a Beach

I have no fancy quote from some random famous person today. One of my favorite aspects of Second Life is the endless array of beaches and I have far too many swimsuits. So, its about high time I started showing them off. I swore I wasn’t going to buy anymore, but after I got into Uber….well…never say never, but I sure hope you all are ready to see more bikinis, because I have tons and I’m about to show them off! Its a great excuse to explore some of the great beaches in Second Life, so if you know of a good one…let me know!

Life is a Beach

hair: TRUTH HAIR Fenella – variety (*new* @Uber)
nail polish: [LB Baroque Arch Gold] *Maitreya* Manicure
rings: Kibitz – Rosie rings – gold
bikini: (fd) Coin Bikini – Ivory (*new* @Uber)

pose: GingerFish Poses Get What I Want #3 mirror

Blue Skies

Blue days, all of them gone
Nothin’ but blue skies from now on
Blue skies smilin’ at me
Nothin’ but blue skies do I see ~Ella Fitgerald’s “Blue Skies”

Although Summer has not officially started, the weather where I live is nice and the pool is open. The beaches are filling up. Its beautiful outside almost every single day. I personally have been dealt with more than my fair share of metaphorically dark clouds and I’ve made the decision to embrace those blue skies and focus on my blessings rather that all the things I could easily consider curses.

For example, I recently found out that someone very close to me fed me a ton of lies, but upon revealing the truths I was reunited with some very dear and wonderful friends from my past. So, I might have lost one friend, but I gained three in return. If that’s not a blessing, I don’t know what is….so bring on the blue skies, cuz that’s all I want to see! *lifts a margarita* Here’s to blue skies for us all! ❤

blue skies

hair:TRUTH HAIR Arwen (*new* @ The Secret Affair)
glasses: [Z O O M] Scar Glasses
rings: Kibitz – Olzen ring set silver
nail polish-{ZOZ}– Summer 2015 Glitter Tips (Maitreya)
cover up: .::Dead Dollz::. Dune Beach Robe – Cyan (*new* @ Uber)
bikini: .::Dead Dollz::. Dune Bikini – Cyan (*new* @ Uber)
shoes: .:KC:. CATY Wedges

pose: GingerFish Poses – Euphoria #3

Oooh Shiny!

Silver, gold – I don’t discriminate! I like sparkly things. Charlaine Harris

Anyone that knows me even a little bit knows that I love shiny things and as of late, I’ve taken a liking to sparkly things, too. I especially like my glitter gel pens when coloring in my adult coloring books. Don’t judge me! So, bring on the shiny objects and sparkly pens! I’m ready!

hair: *TKW* Hedda (*new* @ Tres Chic)
arms: **RE** Cora Harness
dress: UC_High_vaisted_cut_out_outfit_gray (*new* @ Tres Chic)
shoes: #EMPIRE – Columbine *GROUP GIFT*

poses: GingerFish Poses – Sultry
backdrop: RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Finch Lavatory

Wild Things

My wild and free side unsettled some, and unwedged others. Brigitte Bardot

Isn’t that always the way? Our wild appeals to one group and appalls another. Its sad in a way, but sometimes it feels good to know that someone thinks you are deliciously wicked. Another reason (as if I need more reasons) to love Second Life is being able to tap into my wild side today and my demure side tomorrow. Today…Tracy and I are walking on the wild side and we’re hoping you’ll join us. *rawr*

Wild Things

Tracy is wearing:
hair: MINA– Marion (*new* @Hairology)
[HoR] Gone Wild Bodystocking For Her – Onyx – Omega Common (*new* @ GachAmazin Event)
shoes: #EMPIRE – Sage
Sady is wearing:
hair: MINA – Faith (*new* @Tres Chic)
[HoR] Gone Wild Latex for Her – Snow Leopard – Omega RARE (*new* @ GachAmazin Event)
shoes: #EMPIRE – Sage

Sunny Dispositon

I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition. Martha Washington

It’s not always easy to remain positive in the face of adversity, but I believe there’s a choice and we simply have to find the strength to make a conscious decision to change our outlook on what’s going on around us. You can find the silver lining just as easily as you can find the shadow, but in order to find that silver lining you’ve got to lift your head and look up to the sky rather than look to the ground.

Here’s to having a sunny disposition…even if you’re looking at the floor. *winks*

sunny disposition

hair: .Entwined. Amena (*new* at The Gacha Garden)
headband: MadPea Floral Crowns – Fae (*new* at The Gacha Garden)
dress: Tee*fy Verna  Simple Dress – Maitreya – Sunset (Luxe Box May 2016)
shoes: JD – (May) Group Gift – Sky

Sway’s [Hana] Tulips in wooden Bucket

The Edge

The Edge… there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over. Hunter S. Thompson
on the edg4
enVOGUE HAIR – Gisselle
**{FORMANAILS}**Accessoires – MAITREYA – Rings-2
.4 [ kunst ] – Septum Keeper
:BAMSE: Skull Cane – Darkness (*NEW* at Cosmopolitan)
[NikotiN]    Rainbow_Black  RARE
Moon Elixir – Coven – 6 – Maitreya – Arm Wraps – Charcoal (*NEW* at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Moon Elixir – Coven – 15 – Maitreya – Shirt – White (*NEW* at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Moon Elixir – Coven – 12 – Maitreya – Shorts – Charcoal (*NEW* at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
_CandyDoll_ Maya Shoes – Maitreya Lara – RARE
on the edge1

on the edge2

on the edge3

pose: DelMay – Avalanche
photos taken at Ironwood Hills

Never Gonna Be the Same

“Somewhere along the way, we’re all running in the crazy race,
Never thinking about the hearts we break,
And as our hope starts fading away things are never gonna be the same” ~Jessica Mauboy’s Never Be The Same

Sometimes I get so lost in the whirlwind of my emotions that music is the only thing that helps me make sense of it all. Sometimes music just lets me ride the feelings out. Today is one of those days and so I’m keeping it simple.

little surprises.jpg

dress: Ricielli – Juliet Playsuit Plum-White (from the store wide LOVE MOMMY HUNT)
shoes: Italiano HIGHNESS White (*NEW* @ Cosmopolitan)

photo taken at: Ironwood Hills

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