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Santa’s Helper

What if with women’s rights, we fought for our right to be Santa, too? Naturally, we’d do it much sexier than an old fat man in a beard, but would we stumble along the streets on Christmas eve drunk and pissing in corners, because this is the end of the gig until next year? Nah, we’d make much more money as Santa hookers or strippers…helpers, if you will. *grins*
Regardless of who Santa may or may not be, sober or not, I know my ass will be eating well and sauced up right. Hope your holiday weekend is a happy one♥

drunk santa

hair: MINA – Carmen (*new* @ Uber)
head: CATWA HEAD Lilly
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
skin: DeeTaleZ  “Merrylu” Mixedtype
^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ears
**RE** Juliett Pasties Maitreya Red Common
::GB::Mini down jacket (Maitreya) Santa (*new* @ District20)

pose: Imitation. – Kendra v1 Set
Paparazzi – BACKDROP – Dead End Garage – jade (*new* @ Limit8)

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What If…Cinderella..

We all know the fairy tale about Cinderella, but I can’t help but wonder, “What if Cinderella had been born a lesbian?” Perhaps she met Prince Charming at the ball and was like, “Meh.” What if she’d been more attracted to one of the many women at the ball hoping to become the next princess? What if she didn’t even want a spouse and just wanted to live a quiet little life in the country with nature, away from the evil family that enslaved her? What if she wanted to be a lumberjack and here comes this Fairy Godmother thrusting her into another situation she doesn’t want to be in. Maybe she dropped that slipper as a cry for help. I mean, seriously, glass shoes cannot be comfortable! So, the fairy tale was written for the girl to be saved by a man. What if that man turned out to be a big ole control freak who beat her ass worse than the step-mom? Noooo, we just assume they lived happily ever after! Ever wonder why there was no sequel? I’ll tell you why, she probably killed his conceited ass. Throwing a ball to find a wife? Seriously? Was that the original Bachelor? Yes, these are the random sorta things I lie in bed thinking about at night. You’re welcome.

what if cinderella

hair: (r)M Hair, No.53’17
head: CATWA HEAD Tala
body: Maitreya Mesh Body

.BF. Isabelle Leg Chain Silver (*new* @ FaMESHed)
Scandalize. ISABELLE. (*new* @ FaMESHed)
_CandyDoll_ Sasha

pose: Foxcity. Formal Vol2 set

[Merak] – Painted Tree (Silver base)
Fancy Decor: Beham Chair (*new* @ FaMESHed)
Fancy Decor: Sphere Art Sculpture (silver)
Fancy Decor: Hexagonal Mirrors (*new* @ FaMESHed)
Fancy Decor: Folding Candlestick (*new* @ FaMESHed)
Fancy Decor: Beham Table (*new* @ FaMESHed)

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What if…There Was No Tomorrow?

That’s right, its time for another “What if…” post and today we’re going with the end of the world! We’ve all seen the doomsday prepper people in some form or another. Either a reality show (growls) or movies or some other sort of media. Now, I’m not a big prepper myself, but I do remember my mother loading me down with drinking water right after 9/11. I’m not making light of that awful incident, but my mother (much like many others) feared it was the beginning of World War 3 and had a plan! Her plan was terrible, but she had one.


That’s not my big what if, though…I’m not thinking of wars or apocalypse. I recently binge watched a show on Netflix called No Tomorrow and the premise of the show is a character that believes an asteroid will destroy the entire planet in less than a year. He has an exact date and there’s a lot more to the show, but it really got me thinking. What if we did know the end of the world was coming on an exact date. I mean the entire planet will cease to exist. What if all the world leaders came together to express that this was indeed happening and we all knew we only has X many days left to live….all of us?


So, the big What if…there is no tomorrow? How would I handle my last few months on earth? What would become of humanity in its final moments? Would we reach out lovingly to one another or see a world without consequences and go mad? What if we finally saw all of humanity coming together in love and peace at last? It would be the most glorious of days, don’t you think? Although, given recent events, I fear the latter would be closer to the truth. The real “What if..” is this and I pose it to you as a reader with no expectations of an answer, just a question to pose to yourself and perhaps even make you re-think a few things: What if…you believed the world would end in 6 months, 9 months…what would you do first? Write it down. Make a list…don’t think bucket list…think before it’s too late list. I won’t bother you with mine, but let’s show each other some love as if these were our final days.


Whether the world is going to end or not, make sure you treat yourself and other well. Make every day count and do your best to enjoy each day. Life is precious and it can be gone before you know it. In the meantime, go shopping…treat yourself to some new jewelry or shoes or hair! As seen in the pictures above, you can look pretty damn good with just those things and nothing else. 😈

hair: MINA – Ava-Lin (*new* @ FaMESHed)
head: CATWA HEAD Catya
eyes: CATWA Mesh Eyes w/-SU!– [CATWA & OMEGA HUD] Xenira Eyes ALL COLORS
skin: L’Etre Skin Shop – Megan Skin [Cotton Tone]
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara

EF: Fortuna Full Set [earrings/bracelets/necklace] (*new* @ FaMESHed)
!Rebel Hope – Libby Mesh Heels (*new* @ FaMESHed)

poses by Bauhaus Movement
* Mesh Nation *  Cluster of Candles
{anc} feather chips {moon}
{anc} ChainLamps”SODA”
[PM]Pixel Mode – Velvet Covered Chaise (*new* @ FaMESHed)
Kalopsia – Dark Heart Lantern (FLF Feb 3, 2017)

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What if….Happy Plate

Alright, boys and girls and everything in between, gather round…its time for another disturbing peak into the meanderings of Sady’s mind.
Earlier today, my mother cooked the most delicious meal of grilled pork chops, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, and cheddar biscuits. As my fork dove into the green beans I thought, “I’m about to make a very happy plate out of this meal.” Now, that may sound rather odd to some of you, but growing up in the South (I can’t speak for other regions) it was fairly common for mommas to tell their kids to make a happy plate or no dessert or you can’t go back out to play or  some other dire consequence that no child wants to hear. So, the goal was to make a happy plate. To make a happy plate, you had to eat everything on the plate.
So, as I found myself thinking that I was about to make a happy plate (with no consequences other than a full belly) I thought to myself, “What if…plates were actually happier when the food was on them?” I know! What if all this time we’ve been robbing these poor plates of their joy by taking away the only thing that indeed does make them happy. Afterall, we all want to serve a purpose, right? What purpose does a plate serve while tucked away nice and clean….and EMPTY in a cabinet? What joy can be found by lying around dirty in a sink piled up with other dirty dishes and utensils? What if moms had been making the happy plates all along, only they didn’t know it? Worse yet, moms were sadistic and actually wanted to steal the joy of the plates? We weren’t making happy plates at all…we were serving evil mothers and their maniacal manifests! *gasps* We were making UNhappy plates!
As I finished my plate, I knew that it was a silly notion. I mean, plates are inanimate objects without feelings, right? My mouth was happy. My tummy was happy. Mom was certainly happy that I enjoyed the meal. The plate served it’s purpose, right? It held my food for me…so, the plate WAS happy…for a little while.


One thing is for sure, my pixels are hella happy in this Goal Digger dress from Cynful. I swear that store is named correctly, because this dress is cynfully delicious! I’ve dressed it up with jewels, but there are some pretty slay worthy stripe options available with this dress…so slay worthy, in fact, that the word Slay is proudly displayed across the back. Not to worry, that’s only with the sporty stripes. If you want to shine and go out sleek and elegant, then save the stripes for another day. This dress is so complete, you don’t even need to wear your body under it. Wanna save on complexity? Take off the body, wear some hands and feet, you’re all set. And we all know that for every HUD you remove you improve your performance and cut down on your contribution to lag.
There was some serious time and work put into this design and it shows. Looks at how the wrinkles and shadows of the material are strategically placed, making it look so realistic and yummy! To put it in the words of the first man that saw me in this dress, “WOW! That dress is gorgeous! You look amazing!”
So to all of you I wish happy plates, happy pixels, and happy shopping! *winks*

hair:.Shi Hair : Discorded / Unisex (*new* @ Shiny Shabby)
head: CATWA HEAD Catya
ears: .:E.A.Studio Ear Nepthune
skin: [theSkinnery] Opal (Catwa Applier) honey
eyeshadow: Izzie’s  – Soft Shimmer Eyeshadows (Catwa Applier)
lipstick: ::SG::  Clara Lips for CATWA Heads only!
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara

EF: Communique Full Jewelry Set
[Cynful] Goal Digger Dress (*new* @ Collabor88)

poses by Gingerfish Poses -Curves Set

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What if…(Arranmore)

Yep, I’m up to the ole “What if…” scenario again. Let me explain how this one happened. I put together the outfit, loved it, wore it out a few places, came home to take pics, decided to go out into the world to take pics, landed at Arranmore, saw the crow, giggled at how closely Arranmore is to Nevermore, and I was off to the races! See? Tha’ts all perfectly logical, right? (Just nod, humor me here.)


So, what if it was the crow that sat upon a tombstone outside his favorite church on a Friday night, ya know, just minding his business…what if he was the one visited by this mysterious blonde woman? Perhaps her size is intiimidating to him so he freezes in place. She comes very close and looks him in the eyes. He’s so petrified his fight or flight responses shut down and he’s frozen in place, unable to move. What if he’s so moved by the visit he enlists the help of a woodpecker to record the event?


  Ah, distinctly I remember it was a Friday night in November;
And I rest upon a tombstone, encouring its ghost to appear.
    Eagerly I wished the morsel or a meal;—vainly I had the ground for worms to steal
    From the garden entrance came a lady—blonde, wearing black..her name was Sady—
For the rare and radiant love of the cemetay floor—
            Nameless here for Arranmore.
Ok, I should never mess with anything by Edgar Allan Poe and I am somewhat ashamed of myself, but I’m equally amused. And given how his mind worked, I somehow think that ole Edgar and I would’ve gotten along just fine. So, I’m just going to rape his poem for my blog and hope he’s okay with it. If not, perhaps he can come and let me know, afterall…ghosts can travel, right?
So, the most important thing for you all to know about the stuff I’m wearing is this! The name of the skirt is Sady!!! That’s right! Why yes! It is named after me! Coincidence? NOPE! It really is named after me! Can you believe it? And its gorgeous!! So, go to the mainstore and get it so that you can say, “Sady is on my ass!” Plus, c’mon, its super freaking cute, right??? (Just nod and go get the skirt, you can stare at my butt later! Gaw!)

[RA] Corinne Hair (*new* @ Hairology)
-SU!- Sytpal Eyes SILVER
Glam Affair – Milu Applier ( Catwa / Bibi ) America 02
.aisling. Simple Nosechain / Black
EF: Communique Necklace
Izzie’s – Celestial Midi Rings
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
[White~Widow] Loving – White
Meva Harness Black
**RE** Cora Harness
[CX] Soul Grips ( Black ) Female * Maitreya *
~ChicModa~ Sady Skirt
#EMPIRE – Xylobium – (October Luxe Box)

location: Arranmore

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AnotherWhat if…

What if…this is all just an episode of Black Mirror?

Its no big secret that I’m a huge fan of Netflix and rarely watch anything else (legally…shhhh). Recently, there’s been a lot of buzz about Facebook regarding a show called Black Mirror. Enough of my friends had mentioned it to make me curious. I didn’t bother looking up any information about the show to avoid spoilers and it turns out, I don’t think they could have spoiled it unless the shared the scripts directly to the Internet. If you’re not familiar with the show…think Twilight Zone. Not old enough to know what that is? (I promise it has nothing to do with sparkling vampires.) Well, hold on, let me grab you a better description.  For starters here’s a link directly to the synopsis on IMDB:

But if you don’t want to read all of that, I’ll do my best to quickly summarize here and get on with my point (feel free to scroll past the first picture if you know what the show is about.) Each episode is a story of its on and it feeds on our fears of how modern technology is sort of taking over our lives. It leaves you thinking of the possibilities.


So, I’ve watched about 8 episodes of Black Mirror and I can tell you it is definitely messing with my head. We are living in an episode of that show! Think about it. I don’t care how old or young you are, think about what your life was like ten years ago. Even if you were in Second Life like me, I’m pretty sure you didn’t think you’d still be here and so involved with a virtual world. Think about it….What if someone had told you that someday you’ll be deeply involved in a virtual community, so immersed in fact that you identify with your avatar, you connect emotionally with people from every (networked) corner of the globe? Ok, for me, ten years ago, I was still a few weeks away from joining Second Life and even the day that I did join? Nah, I had no intentions of sticking around which I think was pretty darned evident in my first avatar’s name….we won’t go there. What if someone was to tell you right now that you’re going to grow old in Second Life? Would you believe them? Would you embrace that destiny or fight it tooth and nail?


You all know my mind is a twisted little place and to think I don’t even need to smoke weed or drink to think the way I do. I simply wake up and jump into some bizarre cleaning mode while the hamsters in my brain climb on their wheel and start churning out my crazy thoughts. Intoxication leads to more naughty thoughts and I’m eyeing these bottles of wine. I’m suddenly soooo thirsty!

So, let me talk briefly about the clothes and location. As you can see listed below, I’m an event junkie…four of the items below are from current shopping events and three others were picked up at previous events. I hear a lot of talk about people getting tired of too many events going on at once and how everyone is running about in the same outfit. I’m here to remind you (stop it, this is not an Alanis Morrisette song!) to mix the old with the new, okay not THAT old, but come on. Grab that top from six Kustom 9 rounds ago and pair it with the skirt from this round of Uber. Oh, did I mention that this Reverie skirt is pure fire? I’m so in love with this skirt and with the color selection there are just all sorts of ways to wear it. I can also tell you that these Phedora platforms go really well with just about everything and are super cute with socks!
Also, I’m not just standing in some random bar, I’m actually posing about in the Gallery on TaKe Heart. The current exhibit was put together by Kess Crystal and is a collection of works from the friends that have inspired her the most over the past year. Be sure to check it out and I’ll have some exciting news regarding the gallery for you all soon.
Happy thoughts to you all and as always….Happy Shopping! ♥

::Bold & Beauty:: Hair :: Winx. (*new* @ The Epiphany)
CATWA Mesh Eyes
Glam Affair – Pia Applier ( Catwa / Tumble ) America 02  (*new* @Kustom9)
Izzie’s – Glitter Make-Up (FLF)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
[White~Widow] Charade – Henna – RARE
[ kunst ] – Summer bracelets
**RE** Portia Lace Bustier – Cafe
{Reverie} ‘Heidi’ Skirt – (*new* @ Uber)
PHEDORA / Kayla Platforms / 30.C (*new* @ Shiny Shabby)

poses by Bauhaus Movement (some slightly edited with AnyPose)
location TaKe Heart

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What if…we get real?

How was your day?
Such a simple question to ask, but it can make a world of difference to the person you’re asking. Its usually the first thing I say after, “Hi Baby!” when I see Sino each day. Whenever I’m excited about something, I tend to make my story first followed by embarrassment for not asking him how his day was first, because honestly…what if he had a bad day? Is he really going to be happy that one of my photos was chosen for the cover of a Flickr group? Sure, deep down, but probably not what he wants to talk about, then again it might be just the distraction he’s looking for. I won’t know until I ask about his day.


I’ve been thinking about this a lot. We often start conversations with, “How are you?”
On occasion someone give an honest answer, but do we really want to know that their IBS is acting up or that they just stubbed their toe or that their boss just laid into them over some stupid project that’s not even due until next week or its shark week and I swear to God if I sneeze there will be a crime scene worthy of Dexter in my pants? I think some of us do really want to know and yet when people ask us how we are…most of us give a general answer like, “I’m fine and you?”
Then we wonder why conversations die. What if we got real and honest with one another? I know, it seems almost like a foreign concept these days in Second Life, but for those of us that are REAL friends and do discuss real life, it might be interesting, dontcha think? I dunno, just food for thought from the depths of a twisted mind.

Let’s talk about the stuff for a minute. It seems like another event opens every day and its getting harder and harder to keep up, especially if you’re on a budget. However, there are certain items out there that just call to you and no matter how many suits you own or how many thigh high boots you already have…we won’t even discuss hair…you just have to have THAT! So, I’m sharing some of my absolute must haves with you…from Sino’s awesome suit and my outfit to some stuff for my house, because anyone that knows me knows I’m always decorating and my home is forever evolving. Enjoy!

Sady is wearing:
little bones. Chel
CATWA Mesh Eyes
Glam Affair – Pia Applier ( Catwa / Tumble ) America 02  (*new* @Kustom9)
Valentina E. Dita Ebony Egyptian (*new* @ The Epiphany)
**RE** Zaria Bracelets
Sweet Thing. Madame Laveau Thigh Highs – Black (*new* @ Kustom9)

Sino is wearing:
Modulus – Brooklyn Hair
[Gos] Custom Eyewear – GOSCAN
Head & Body by #TheMeshProject
GizzA –  Andrew Vested Suit Tweed (*new* @ TMD)

tarte. autumn attic skybox (October Luxe Box)
BUENO -Fall Rug Lines (*new* @ The Epiphany)
NOMAD // The Social Guru
Kalopsia – Aloe Plaster – Grey
Fancy Decor: Wood Console (*new* @ Kustom9)
BUENO-Bonita Bag-Black (*new* @ The Epiphany)
BUENO-Magazine Stack 2 (*new* @ The Epiphany)
BUENO-Standup Player-Light (*new* @ The Epiphany)
Addams – Bad Bunny Mask – #051
:HAIKEI: End of the day Gahca {3}
Fancy Decor: Studded Tray (*new* @ Kustom9)
+Half-Deer+ Cutie Clutter – Spilled Black Coffee
Fancy Decor: Bulb Sconce (*new* @ Kustom9)
Fancy Decor: Octagonal Mirror (*new* @ Kustom9)
MG – H&G – Curtains – Silk Pools
striped mocha – hanging lotuses – gold
Di’Cor Carson Leather Chair
Apple Fall ‘iFall’ Notebook 2015
{anc} miniature/H. mannequin {M} flower
Culprit Ancient One
floorplan. record shelf / bare
Stockholm&Lima: The Painting

pose: oOo Studios

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What if…Purge

This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the annual Purge. All crime, including murder,will be legal for 12 hours. All emergency services will be suspended. Your government thanks you for your participation. ~ Emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of The Purge.


If you’ve never seen these movies and happen to live under a rock, thus having absolutely no idea what these movies are about…well, read up or scroll on down to the blog credits, because this is my “What ifs…” about the films. This is not a review, although, I do recommend these movies, I don’t think they have earned any significant place in our cinematic history.  But that’s not what this post is about either. I’ve recently seen all three movies, the last one for the first time. Plus there was a post on FB about using the purge message as a ring tone and well…The Purge has been all up in my head. So, this is another round of…What if, because why not?
What if the Purge became a real thing and much like they show in the 3rd movie, Purging has become trendy, as well as controversial. So, instead of the heroin junkie looking models….well, we’ll see girls in party dresses with weapons and combat boots! Lingerie models wearing nothing but a gun belt, wings, and a machine gun…in the infamous words of Paris Hilton, “That’s hot!” What if the most popular kids in high school were the ones that had the most kills, thus taking bullying to a whole new level? Imagine all the lines of stain removal products, guaranteed to remove blood. Stain resistant clothing, made especially for Purge Night. Prom themes planned to emulate The Purge with sacrifices instead of Prom King & Queen.
Well, you know how my mind works. I’m curious as to what sort of “What if..” moments you all might have. I’d love to hear them. In the meantime, go shopping and purge yourself of some lindens. Its call retail therapy and who doesn’t need a little therapy?

***A quick mention about the location. I’m not big into role play, but this sim is really quite something and worth checking out, just please if you’re not going to participate or get involved with the role play, grab and observer tag and make sure you’re not standing in the middle of someone’s scene. *winks*

Beusy: Trouble Mesh Hair
:Diamante: Disengaged Plugs Piercing
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
erratic / koi tattoo (maitreya)
4. :BAMSE: Personal Cannon – Classic Black
15. :BAMSE: Trench Knife – Silver
LRD Lianna Dress Silk (*new* @ Lost & Found)
*katat0nik* (black) D-Ring Boots RARE ( The Arcade September)

poses: Le Poppycock *Neon Lights* (*new* @ U L T R A)

location: Darkness Prevails: Shattered Masquerade Roleplay Sim