Good Day

I have to say, I really am blessed when it comes to some of my friends. As I'm writing this my face is hurting from laughing so hard. I've been laughing so hard that I feel sorta drunk. Mind you, I messed up my meds the past few days, so that could be part of... Continue Reading →


Dark Desire

As he passed her in the club, her gripped her wrist, pulling her in for a quick whisper, "Wait for me in the restroom." His voice was so deep and he smelled amazing. There was a fierceness in his eyes that was intimidating, but something about him drove her to follow his instructions. She did... Continue Reading →

Fading Away

Sometimes aging feels like I'm fading away into irrelevance. As sweet as some of these guys in their 20s seem to be in SL, I just cannot get over the vast age difference. I know it's Second Life and we're just avatars and age shouldn't matter. Maybe it's the age that I'm turning in October... Continue Reading →

Promise Me This

  Ben Howard - Promise And meet me there, bundles of flowers We wait through the hours of cold Winter shall howl at the walls Tearing down doors of time Shelter as we go And promise me this You'll wait for me only Scared of the lonely arms Surface, far below these burn And maybe,... Continue Reading →

Dreams of Time

"Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of time."  H. P. Lovecraft scene: Scarlet Creative Oceania Beach House Culprit Mojave Set  (*new* @ FaMESHed) _Culprit Mojave Bed _Culprit Mojave Bedside Table _Culprit Mojave Lamp _Culprit Mojave Trunk _Culprit Mojave Succulent _Culprit Tasty Macarons _Culprit Hot Chocolate B&W _Culprit... Continue Reading →

Bad Girls

Alright, yes, its another post with a song and lyrics, but these really do kinda go least in my head. This is one of the few times I wish I had video making skills, cuz I'd love to try to do something bigger with this song. Either way, I love the song...hope you do,... Continue Reading →

What makes you so special?

I'm not sure why, but I can picture dancing slowly around this chair to this song. Dragging my finger tips over the shoulders of some very handsome man, leaning down to whisper in his ear as I whisper the words of this song. Well, you get the idea....*blushes* MILCK - Devil, Devil Devil, Devil Clever... Continue Reading →

We’ve Come Too Far

"The present has no weapon Your gifts keeps on giving What is this I'm feelin' If you wanna leave I'm ready, oh Cause we've come too far To give up who we are So lets raise the bar And our cups to the stars" ~Daft Punk-Get Lucky wearing: hair:  [RA] Mona Hair head: CATWA HEAD Lona eyes: :Conviction:... Continue Reading →


I'm just gonna give you all a bit Saturday morning sensuality. Hope you all have you a great weekend Nero~ Satisfy I can feel it tonight I know I'll catch your eye Touching you feels so right, let me come inside Just come with me tonight, take me for a ride Touching you feels so... Continue Reading →

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