I Can’t Help But Wonder…

I'm pretty sure most of us have heard or possibly even said something along the lines of dying happy if we died during sex. However, given that these days lots of people do voice sex, not just in SL, but all sorts of long distant relationships, right? I can't speak for everyone, but I've had... Continue Reading →


FMD Membership

Y'all should know by now that I'm a freak with a wide range of interests. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I absolutely love FMD. It really doesn't matter which name you use, Fuck Me Daddy or Feed My Desire, FMD is the classiest adult club on the grid. You may have read... Continue Reading →

Not This Time

Each timeĀ  some one hurts me, each time my heart is broken, and left scarred...it gets harder and harder to even believe in true love, at least not for me. My close friends know what a hard time I'm having in the real these days. Yes, SL is my escape. Yes, my real life is... Continue Reading →

Not For Rent

Whether its an sl rumor, some fake ass hater written post on slsecrets, or a full on Facebook attack, we could all learn something from the celebrities in Hollywood. Stop feeding the trolls. These cyber bullies can only take up space in our heads if we let them and I don't know about you, but... Continue Reading →

Topless Tuesdays & Vanilla Bae

So, a lot of clubs in SL, especially adult ones, have Topless Tuesdays, but I've found no other club that makes it as fun as FMD. Naturally, you all know I hang out there quite a bit and that I'm a kinky bitch. Thus, it cannot surprise you that I look forward to Tuesdays. However,... Continue Reading →

Click of a Button

I always find it rather amusing when people in SL make fun of each other for being so different from their avatars in real life. I'm not talking about playing the opposite sex, children, furries/animals, or any of the fantasy based looks like vampires and lycans. Isn't that the entire point of SL? To be... Continue Reading →

I’m Hooked

Have you ever met someone that lures you in...as if they cast a spell on you? One taste of their lips makes you weak in the knees. That first time you make love is like a first hit of heroin. You would do just about anything to feel them inside you one more time....to hear... Continue Reading →

Yes, I Am

I don't know too many women that don't relate to this song, at least parts of it. The only thing I'd change is the part about being a mother, unless you count my fur babies. I'm not a mother and I don't want to be. I've already raised one woman's son and that didn't fair... Continue Reading →

Is It Wrong?

I find myself tossing this subject around a lot in my head. People in SL and I guess in RL, too...they all seem to be in a hurry to find a special someone. Some think they are looking for THE special someone, but I'm not so sure. I think from time to time we find... Continue Reading →


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