So Much Goodness

The end of the month is always a crazy time for me. Not only am I frantically double checking my work to make sure that I've met the requirements for all the stores I blog for (which I have usually exceeded), but its set up time for FaMESHed as well as other events. I have... Continue Reading →


Great Team

They say you should find someone that makes you a better person. Someone that makes you push yourself to be your best. Someone that believes in you, compliments you and your life. Someone that you do the same for, as well. Afterall, its a two way street, right? I'm not sure I've EVER known that... Continue Reading →

Ribbons & Detours

Sadly, I just do not have it in me to write something creative at the moment. My heart is heavy, so I give you a song and some lyrics. I hope you'll enjoy it. Silverspun Pickups - Ribbons & Detours I can't believe it You of all things It's been a while Memories teem Some... Continue Reading →

Keep Shining

I've always wondered why it is that we remember the hurtful things that people have said about or to us more than the nice things. I understand why we remember the horrible things done to us, because it leaves scars. Yet, we're told as early as preschool that stick and stones will break out bones,... Continue Reading →


One of my all time songs and when I was doing this picture I couldn't help but play it on repeat. I knew from the jump that this would be a music post. So, here's the link and lyrics. *smiles* Oh and I know most people know this song from that TV Show Pretty Little... Continue Reading →

Take a Backseat

Ya know, anyone with a Facebook account whether its RL or SL sees far more than their share of drama, add the aspect of life on the grid and its going to be ten times worse, but here's the thing. If you don't want to be caught up in it, then stay out of it.... Continue Reading →

After Tequila

Oh, Tequila, how she loves you so, but when this day started she had long blonde hair and a lot more clothes on. What happened? Let's ask her, "Sady?? What happened?" sooo mush...grrrrace...odka....eela...losh bet...zzzzzz Well, it looks like she had fun, perhaps she'll find out from her friends when she wakes up. I'm sure she'll... Continue Reading →

Before Tequila

She hears the word tequila and a wry smile forms on her face. She doesn't care what the reason if tequila is involved, she's in! There's just one little problem...when it comes to tequila she doesn't know when to quit. Dun dun might want to check back on her later...there's bound to be a... Continue Reading →

Let’s Go Play

"Let's go play," he said as he led her to the car. "Oooh where are we going?" she asked, as she was always so curious. He smirked, then blindfolded her and growled, "It's a surprise, Kitten." When they arrived, he led her gently through what sounded like very heavy doors. She could hear ethereal music... Continue Reading →

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