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I need a condom for my heart

Anytime I see condoms tucked into clothing, be it underwear or thigh high boots, I think of Pretty Woman, when Julia Roberts pulls out the assortment of condoms and proclaims that she’s a safety girl. So, condoms protect our genitals from most things…too bad there’s not a condom for our hearts. It would be nice to trust what’s in front of you without getting slapped in the face with a brick wall of pain only days into dating someone, right? I mean, I personally think that I’m pretty guarded. I’ve been successfully single now for two years. I open myself up to the possibility of something good for a few days and where did it get me? You guessed it…slapped in the face with the harsh realities of this cruel grid. I’m reminded once again that I’m not good enough. You’d think by now, I’d get it…and for the past two years I did. Technically, I haven’t broken that stride, because anything that doesn’t last more than a week does not make a relationship. It simply makes one vulnerable enough to get hurt. Thanks, Life, you did it again.
Please don’t comment with some hippy dippy love shit about how I’m worthy, blah blah blah…I truly appreciate the efforts, but they are wasted on me. My life has more than proven that I’m not those lovely things that make one a lovable partner. Lucky for me, I make a great friend and I also have some pretty epic ones. So, all is not lost. ♥

feeling the sun

head: CATWA HEAD Catya
SU!– Piercing Set 06
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: [Glam Affair] Maria @ Kustom9

hair: TRUTH Alias
Dahlia – Camilla – Collar @ FaMESHed X
amias – NADIA gloves 1
Mug – April Thong @ FaMESHed X

pose by Double Take

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