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Good Gacha

Raindale literally made me gasp as I opened the blogger box to discover the beautiful contents. To me, THIS is how you do a gacha. This is one of those gachas, that you can play and no matter what you get from it, you can use it. The lilypads (lotus leaves), the bridges (come in 3 colors), the boat with cuddle animations. I mean I tossed out the set and created this beautiful asian garden, but I’ve seen the boat used in rivers and lakes already in other blogs. So, there you have it, another reason to get your butt down to 6 Republic and grab those deals before it closes down for another 6 months!


Raindale – Riverbreak gacha set @ 6 Republic Event
-Rare – Raindale – Riverbreak pond
-Raindale – Riverbreak boat daybed
-Raindale – Riverbreak candle (gift)
-Raindale – Riverbreak candles (gift)
-Raindale – Riverbreak lantern 2
-Raindale – Riverbreak lotus leaves
-Raindale – Riverbreak bridge (brown)
-Raindale – Riverbreak leaf boat (green)

[Rezz Room] Box Baby Pandas

One thought on “Good Gacha

  1. I loved this set from Raindale (it’s so versatile) and Keira’s been going nutz turning out set after set lately, she must live in Blender, bless her 🙂

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