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An Ounce of Peace

I have to block out thoughts of you so I don’t lose my head
They crawl in like a cockroach, leaving babies in my bed
Dropping little reels of tape to remind me that I’m alone
Playing movies in my head that make a porno feel like home
There’s a burning in my pride, a nervous bleeding in my brain
An ounce of peace is all I want for you; will you never call again?
And will you never say that you loved me just to put it in my face?
And will you never try to reach me?
It is I that wanted space

Hate me today
Hate me tomorrow
Hate me for all the things I didn’t do for you
Hate me in ways
Yeah, ways hard to swallow
Hate me so you can finally see what’s good for you

An Ounce of Peace

hair: Exile – Violet @ C88
head: LeLUTKA Avalon
head skin: [Glam Affair] Meryl Skin [Lelutka EvoX] @ C88
body: [LEGACY] Meshbody Perky
body skin: VELOUR: The “Ipanema Body” for Legacy (Chantilly)

Cynful Diamond – Choker
.:villena:. – Pelted Fur Jacket
{le fil casse} Ainsley Dress @ Access

Artis – Smoking hot

background: MINIMAL – May Group Gift 2021

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Calm Down

You are somebody that we don’t know
But you’re comin’ at my friends like a missile
Why are you mad?
When you could be GLAAD? (You could be GLAAD)
Sunshine on the street at the parade
But you would rather be in the dark age
Just makin’ that sign must’ve taken all night
You just need to take several seats and then try to restore the peace
And control your urges to scream about all the people you hate
‘Cause shade never made anybody less gay


Sady (on the left)
head: CATWA HEAD Catya
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: [Glam Affair] Carla @ Collabor88

DOUX – Lizy hairstyle @ Belle
TETRA – Moto leather jacket @ Collabor88
BUENO-Tata BodySuit @ Collabor88

Harlow (on the right)
head: Genus Head – Baby Face
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

DOUX – Babyrose Hairstyle
TETRA – Not so basic crop tank @ Collabor88
.:villena:. – Distorted Boyfriend Jeans

pose: ::WetCat:: “My Army” Couple Pose @ Belle

::WetCat::&ChiMia “Luv” Backdrop @ Belle

[Black Bantam] Chocolate Kitty Ribbon Bow Decor =^.^=

Elm. Indie Summer Picnic Set
-Elm. Indie Summer Guitar [White]
-Elm. Indie Summer Cushion Pile # 1 [Floral]
-Elm. Indie Summer Cushion Pile # 2 [Floral]
-Elm. Indie Summer Cushion Pile # 3 [Floral]

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“I’m leaving home for the coastline
Some place under the sun
I feel my heart for the first time
‘Cuz now I’m moving on oh yeah
I’m moving on
And there’s a place that I’ve dreamed of
Where I can free my mind
I hear the sounds of the season
And lose all sense of time”


head: CATWA HEAD Catya
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: [Glam Affair] Dee Applier

(Yummy) Free Spirit Rings
Ascendant – Old Love Nails

.:villena:. – Windbreaker Jacket
Cynful Mocha’s Bikini Set @ Anthem

pose: FOXCITY. What Gives Bento Pose Set
location: Scarlett Isle

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Fall Over

“You got my heart beating
Beating, beating, beating, beating, beating
You got my mind to fall over
Fall over, fall over, fall over, fall over
Fall over, fall over
I gave up my, my pride, why?
Why, lay over
My motion says why
You got my heart beating
Beating, beating, beating, beating, beating
You got my mind to fall over
Fall over, fall over, fall over, fall over
Fall over, fall over
I gave up my, my pride, why?
Why, lay over
My motion says why
Why, lay over
My motion says why”

changed my mind

hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair @ TLC
.:E.A.Studio:.BOX Horns Syrax
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
:Conviction: Viscous Eyes
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia
[Cynful] Stripper Body Dust

=Zenith=Leather Belt Gloves
Ascendant – Dracarys Nails
[The Forge] Hanna Top & Shorts @ FaMESHed
.:villena:. – Fishnet Black

pose: FOXCITY. Rider Bento Pose Set
FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Neon City VOL2

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Why do bloggers…

I recently saw a post on Facebook asking, “Why do bloggers apply when their Flickr doesn’t meet the requirements to do so?” The only reason this post even caught my attention is because I was mentioned in one of the comments. I found myself quickly typing a reply that soon turned into quite a paragraph. Thus, I decided to bring both the question and my reply to my own blog. So, here’s my answer.

As a blogger manager, I don’t mind seeing up & coming bloggers apply. They might not make the cut, but if I see that they have potential I will follow them and watch them closely. If they keep on applying, even when they don’t qualify…they are driving their name deeper into my brain. Sadly, there are some that simply do not have what it takes to be a successful blogger. What I don’t like as a blogger manager is being pestered inworld by an applicant that has been rejected.

It’s also important to remember that the purpose of bloggers is to showcase the designer’s creation to as many people as possible….to make those viewers want….neeeed that creation. THAT is the very reason to have bloggers. So that you have a variety of stylists showcasing items in various desirable ways.

just love

hair: Stealthic – Willow @ C88
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia

MICHAN – Angela Necklace @ Flourish
(Yummy) Minimalist Rings
alme. Mesh Stiletto Nails -Magical Metallics Collection @ Belle
.:villena:. – Rose Bud Fur Jacket – Blush
BUENO-Late Night Dress @ C88

pose: [InDiGo] Female Close up Poses @ Flourish
Je t’aime Rainbow – Rampage Backdrops – The Bearded Guy @ Unik

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I Need to Love Myself

“No matter how hard I try or what I do
I just can never fuckin’ impress you
So why am I letting what you say get me down?
I spent my whole life thinking I was wrong
And nobody likes me and it’s all my fault
But I’m done with that shit, I finally figured out
I don’t need to be the same as everyone else
I just need to motherfuckin’ love myself”
~ Olivia O’Brien – Love Myself


hair:  Tableau Vivant // Rhya hair  (*new* @ K9)
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
SU!– Piercing Set 07 Septum & Nose Studs
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia
tattoo: IDTTY Body Shop – Feline Gaze
.:villena:. – Half Tee – Sheer
[Aleutia] Audrey Lingerie (*new* @ Equal10)

pose: FOXCITY. Melancholy Bento Pose Set
FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Flutter (*new* @ C88)

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“Here’s to my future
Here’s to my yesterday
Here’s to change
Oh, here’s to my yesterday
No tomorrow without a yesterday
Here’s to my future
Goodbye to yesterday
~ Imagine Dragons – Yesterday


hair:  no.match_ ~ NO HIDE (*new* @ Salon 52)
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #20 [PUMEC] – MIA – JUNE (*new* @ Epiphany)

:::ChicChica::: Magic 8 ball
.:villena:. – Rose Bud Fur Jacket
{le fil casse} Ellie Dress (*new* @ Kustom9)
!:Lybra:! Liza Leggings
[Enchante‘] – Virginie boots

pose: GingerFish Poses – Diamonds set

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Like a Knife in Her Chest

She has to excuse herself to the restroom to keep it together. She’d never let him know how she truly felt. It was futile. They would never be more than friends. She had accepted her fate years ago, but tonight as he shared photos of himself with other women…it gutted her. She knew she was better off, but she couldn’t help that each photo felt like a knife in her chest. She could feel the tears flowing down her cheeks as she slid down the wall. She chastised herself, “Get it together. This is not about you!”

Remembering Her Place


hair:  Magika – Love
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: [theSkinnery] Paola

.:villena:. – Rose Bud Fur Jacket
ChicModa // Rudy Dress & Harness (*new* @ Tannenbaum)

pose:  Foxcity Leaning (Stand) VOL2 Bento Pose Set
KraftWork Wick’s Bathroom

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But First…

I’m well known for chasing shinies and squirrels. I readily admit to a lack of focus and it has cost me more than one romantic relationship, along the way. However, let me explain that this is generally what happens to me on a day I’m trying to be productive. In fact, let me just give you examples from real life and second life.

Just this morning, I decided to set up a drawer under my new printer that is just for paper, envelopes, and ink, but first I have to empty the drawer and find a place for everything that was in it. I unload the drawer, take most of the items to my bedside table, where I plan to rehome them. I see my pill pot, so naturally I need to take my pills, but I can’t take them with coffee…so I need to get some ice tea, but first let me finish my coffee. So, I sit back down at my desk with my coffee and a cigarette. I begin checking my email, but first lets see what’s going on in Facebook land. I see a gorgeous photo that takes me to flickr, fav it, then notice I have notifications. I check my notifications, see how my last few photos have been doing, thank people for awards and comments. Then decide I should get my blog post published. So, I start doing that, but first let me say good morning to my friend on discord. (Getting the idea?) Oh, I need to do that blog post, but first let me check to make sure I’m posting the one that needs to be done next. I get that done, now checking Facebook one more time before I share the links over there. OMG, that’s hilarious, let me share that real quick. I finally get my blog published and posted, never did check my email. I finish my coffee, grab my cup, look around the room for any other dirty dishes, grab them and head for the kitchen. I get some tea to take my pills with, but first is there anything quick to eat for breakfast? Nothing quick, I’ll have to make something, but first let me go take my pills. I go to get my pills and realize there’s no bag in my trash can…so off I go in search of the trash bags. I find them, pull one out, lay it on the bed, because now I’ve got the genius idea to make this drawer my cleaning supplies. So, now I’m looking for cleaning supplies scattered about the house….this goes on and on throughout my day. It’s a wonder I get anything done at all, but somehow I do manage, despite all the “But first…” moments.

but first

hair: TRUTH Beatrix
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: [theSkinnery] Paola

BONDI . The Warrior Sunglasses  (*new* @ ManCave)
.:villena:. – Crushed Velvet Puffer
Vinyl – Otherside Mini Dress & Choker (*new* @ Access)

pose: [KoKoLoReS] Coffee Break pose pack
***includes texture change coffee cup

location: 6 Republic (sorry, its closed now)

***If you are reading this on any site that suggests this post was originally published anywhere but SadyStyle by anyone other than Sadystika Sabretooth, you are reading a stolen post.


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Let There Be An End

“I give the fight up: let there be an end, a privacy, an obscure nook for me. I want to be forgotten even by God.” ~ Paracelsus  Robert Browning

Granted I discovered this quote as I watched Anon on Netflix, but the quote struck a nerve on so many levels that I immediately had to find its origin. Upon finding the origin and reading around the quote, I discovered an entirely new meaning to it. I admit that my first thought was about celebrities and how they’ve no privacy whatsoever. Upon watching the film, it developed an entirely new meaning and I do recommend the film. Obviously, I’m no movie critic, but it is a psychological thriller set in the future. A future I hope never comes to be, for I found it to be absolutely dreadful. As if our privacy has not been invaded enough, the premise of this movie suggests that even our mere thoughts are opened to others. Not to mention our memories. You could have no more secrets…ever. Your eyes recording everything you see and do, only for that information to fall into the wrong hands. Trust me, I’ve given no spoilers about the movie. These are just things I thought about in conjunction with the film. About how life would be for the majority of us.
I think this quote relates to Second Life, as well. So many of us have made tragic mistakes or have been so hurt so brutally that we associate that pain with the avatar. How easily we can start anew. I’ve done that a few times in my earlier years in SL, but I’ve also grown from that and have become far too comfortable with my current avatar to ever consider starting again. I’ll own my mistakes and do my best to amend my behavior when I am wrong. I’ve grown to realize that some are too miserable within their own skin to forgive and forget. I let them go and forget them. They may hold onto their resentments and their toxicity for as long as they like, but they will have no hold over me. I cannot control what other do, feel, think, or believe, but for me, let there be an end to the controversy. I shall erase them from my lives and move forward, forgetting their very existence. If our paths shall pass in the future, they are no more than a stranger to me and will be treated as such.


hair: RAMA.SALON – Julie Hair (*new* @ FaMESHed)
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
skin: [theSkinnery] Katy (Catwa Applier) toffee (*new* @ C88)
brows: –SU!- Blair Eyebrows +CATWA APPLIER

pr!tty – Floral Choker
(Yummy) Free Spirit Rings (*new* @ C88)

.:villena:. – Rose Bud Fur Jacket – Blush
Narcisse– Julia Tshirt Corset Dress (*new* @ FaMESHed)