Love is Free

I don't know about you, but I get real tired of all the hate that people sling around as if its okay. I'm fortunate enough not to take someone else's misery personally, even when it is literally aimed at me. Here's the thing though, I worry about the haters sometimes, because that sort of toxicity... Continue Reading →


Be True to You

"You got to be true True to yourself Or you'll be a fool To somebody else" -Yelawolf - "True to Yourself" ft. Bones Owens I'm just quoting the song today. I'm not going to feed you all the lyrics, because this is not really a song post. Though I do love the newest from Yelawolf,... Continue Reading →

Smoke Break

We all know smoking is bad for you and there's not a smoker on the planet that hasn't had some goofball walk up to them while smoking and say, "Those things will kill you." I don't know if they think they're being funny, helpful, or if they genuinely lack the brain power to come up... Continue Reading →

Taco Tuesday

I actually wasn't sure where the phrase, "Taco Tuesday" came to do a teensy bit of research I dove into google and found a few interesting pieces of information. According to Wikipedia, the ever reliable source of truth (-_-), the phrase is trademarked and owned by Taco John's and legally no other restaurant is... Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Time…

While I no longer have a close relationship with my father, I was crazy about him when I was a little girl. One of the things that fascinated me was his love for motorcycles. Not street bikes like I've been showing you, but dirt bikes. I remember one time he had seven motorcycles, four of... Continue Reading →

Not For Arachnophobes (like Nikole)

I grew up with a mother that was absolutely, hysterically frightened of spiders and she could spot the tiniest of spiders anywhere. Growing up with a mother that suffers from arachnophobia had its perks. To this day, I can still pull the "there's a spider on you" prank and it never fails to get a... Continue Reading →

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