Talking Body

"Now if we're talking body Put it on me If you love me right We fuck for life On and on and on Now if we're talking body You got a perfect one So put it on me Swear it won't take you long If you love me right We fuck for life On and... Continue Reading →


Dark Desire

As he passed her in the club, her gripped her wrist, pulling her in for a quick whisper, "Wait for me in the restroom." His voice was so deep and he smelled amazing. There was a fierceness in his eyes that was intimidating, but something about him drove her to follow his instructions. She did... Continue Reading →

Ready or Not

So, it's been a few years since I started a year single and I have to say that its definitely been interesting. I've had a variety of people approach me. I've gotten to the point where I just ask them some basic questions so I know where to file these people. Let's face it, first... Continue Reading →

Sleeping Beauty

Alright, so do we even want to get into the whole evil step mother thing again? What's with these fairy tale dads marrying these psychotic women, anyway. Let's face it. These days, this girl hooked up with some asshole from the internet, got roofied and stashed in a room. Men came by, paid the abductor... Continue Reading →

Winter is Here

Winter is here and its time to find creative way to get warm. In RL, I have the perfect blanket. I actually love wrapping up in it completely naked, because its the softest furry blanket I've ever owned. It's a king sized as well, so I can slip down into it and be completely immersed... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Poison (part 4)

"Mr Skytower, would you like a reading while you wait?" He opened his eyes to see Sady standing beside a table in yet another change of clothes, only this time she seemed different. Less playful than before, definitely more serious. He wondered what he was waiting for exactly and had he fallen asleep? He'd only... Continue Reading →


"You tell me that you're ready but you just don't know My eyes are getting heavy and it's starting to show Never seen it coming, never seen a thing Maybe I'll get through what's ever coming to me" ~Kodaline's "Ready" Sometimes we just have to walk up the line we thought we'd never cross and... Continue Reading →

The Edge

The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over. Hunter S. Thompson enVOGUE HAIR - Gisselle **{FORMANAILS}**Accessoires - MAITREYA - Rings-2 .4 [ kunst ] - Septum Keeper :BAMSE: Skull Cane - Darkness (*NEW* at Cosmopolitan) [NikotiN]... Continue Reading →

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