Beggin For Thread

You all know me, I'm not even about to write about here's a song that is close to my heart. Kronic and I both agreed that this song, here ya go! Banks - Begging For Thread So I got edges that scratch And sometimes I don't got a filter But I'm so tired... Continue Reading →



This morning I don't have words of my own, so I'll let Meg Myers say/sing it for me. Meg Myers-Numb When all is said and done Tell me how to write this Tell me how to fight this war I'll keep marchin' on Like a broken robot Money back guarantee I'm in your custody But... Continue Reading →

Men Are Like Shoes

I just really wanted to show of these shoes and I stumbled across a song by Shania Twain that's really cute and compares men to shoes. Not going to paste the lyrics, but you can click here and they'll pop up. The video is at the bottom and by clicking on the photo below you... Continue Reading →

Anesthetize Me

"I said I was into you You said you were into me..... Looks like this love wasn't meant to last... You said you reap just what you sow So tell me where does your garden grow" ~Funeral Suits - All Those Friendly People So, the song is below the credits...and the bits of lyric quoted... Continue Reading →

Crooked World

Crooked World written by Sadystika Sabretooth It's a crooked world, full of broken people, plenty of hungry hyenas on the prowl just waiting to snatch up the scraps. They will use your broken pieces to create something beautiful and then sell it back to you. The lies and all the poison... polluting every cell, every... Continue Reading →


One of my all time favorite bands ever will always be Aerosmith. Steven Tyler is so kooky, but he's a good person and I have that on good authority. This song was my earworm while shooting this naturally I had to make the post about this song. Afterall, the melody is very sexy and... Continue Reading →


Alright, let's talk. Ladies, I'm talking to you and myself. We've got to stop taking shit off these fuckers! Pay attention to the red flags! Ya know what? No, I'm not talking just to the ladies....guys, you need to listen up, too! Those red flags? Each new person you meet in SL, use the notes... Continue Reading →


Yes, its another music post, because its easier for me to express myself this way sometimes. I get too real, too raw, too emotional for my own comfort sometimes. A Perfect Circle - Gravity Lost again Broken and weary Unable to find my way Tail in hand Dizzy and clearly unable to Just let this... Continue Reading →

Sex Toy Story

So, I'm sure most everybody is familiar with the Toy Story movies. As most major movies have a porn version, or so I've heard. I can't help but wonder what the Sex Toy Story would be like. Naturally, the owner of the toys would be an adult woman, because this would be much more fun.... Continue Reading →

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