Hidden Treasure

Have you ever played one of those hidden clue games? There's several on Facebook, plenty of apps for phones, etc. You find the hidden objects and progress through the story. The picture with the hidden objects usually reflect that particular part of the story. Well, when I initially started setting up this scene....I ended up... Continue Reading →


Take Me Home

This song just really reminds me of why our homes should be a place of safety, a place of warmth. A place where we are surrounded by wonderful memories and some of our favorite creature comforts. I took a break from blogging home decor, wanting to focus on fashion, but I quickly realized that I... Continue Reading →

Sad Girl

Once upon a time, I lived a different kind of life...music takes me on the most delicious journey through my mine field of memories.... Lana Del Rey - Sad Girl Being a mistress on the side It might not appeal to fools like you We've been around on the side Wanna be something you would... Continue Reading →

Can They Truly Be Separate?

I'm a big profile perv. I love to see what people share, how they talk, or whether they've decided to keep it blank. Either way, I tend the find the 1st Life tab the most interesting, as so many will put something about keeping RL separate from SL. I assume they mean that they prefer... Continue Reading →

Tomayto, Tomahto

"Prosecuted, stabbed, tomayto, tomahto," she laughed as she stood watching the bill collector run away after dropping off the bills. Her JIAN Chipmunk Collection :: Companion looking equally intimidating. She looked down to see that the tax man had dropped his 7 - Scientific Calculator. She stomped down on the machine with her Phedora ~... Continue Reading →

Living Room

One of the greatest parts of blogging decor is that when you move and new stuff starts coming out, not only do you have all these great rooms to decorate for your blog...you can leave it up to live in if you so choose! That's exactly what I did with my latest unKindness items! I... Continue Reading →

A Broken Phone Booth

"Am I alive or thoughts that drift away? Does summer come for everyone? Can humans do as prophets say? And if I die before I learn to speak Can money pay for all the days I lived awake But half asleep?" Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My... Continue Reading →

Musical Musings

I was shopping with my mother when Kid Rock's Cowboy came on the radio. Before I knew it, I was shushing her and singing along with Kid Rock, doing my best to emulate the synthesized portions of the chorus as well as the alternating high notes. Cowboy, baby (With the top let down and the... Continue Reading →

Falling for Fall

I'm hard pressed to pick "favorites" of anything and its those types of questions that always make the me facepalm in my head. What's your favorite color? Well, seriously it depends on what its being applied to...generally speaking I want to say black. Although, technically black is not a color. (Something drummed into my head... Continue Reading →


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