Almost Time

It's almost time for us to break out the summer clothes and the swimsuits. This year, I'm planning a big spring cleaning project. I'm going through my RL inventory and decluttering my life. Clothes I haven't worn for more than a year...GONE! Knick knacks with no sentimental attachments or things I don't LOVE....GONE! Then I'm... Continue Reading →


Chickens Can’t Read, Right?

Her sister and her chickens. She couldn't believe that her nephew couldn't spell "chicken" or "for." She sighed and leaned against the chicken coop. Her sister was going to owe her one helluva a favor for this. She felt like a dumb hick waiting to sell chickens or fresh eggs to people that just drive... Continue Reading →

Love Me

How could this be anything but a music post? The minute I saw this gorgeous Neveah jumpsuit from Cynful I knew exactly how I wanted to photograph it. It screams "love me" doesn't it? This led me to an here you & lyrics...details below the picture. Have a good oneā™„ Lovepool by The... Continue Reading →

Perfectly Flawed

I'll be completely honest. I'm the kind of girl that learns most of her life lessons the hardest way possible. I don't know how many real life musicians I had to date, before I figured out that they were not for me. I tried every drug that came my way, fortunately without the use of... Continue Reading →

The Storm

The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore. Vincent Van Gogh Oh where to start? Do I make the analogy about not being afraid to love again? Or talk about the actual weather? Decisions...ugh...someone decide for me! Alright, alright,... Continue Reading →


Freedom is something that dies unless it's used. Hunter S. Thompson As a U.S. citizen, I think freedom is something I and many of my fellow Americans have taken for granted. I am not going to get all political. I think there's far too much of that going on across the internet as it stands,... Continue Reading →

Drive Away

I watch a lot of my friend struggling with letting go and walking away. I know people have often thought of me as cold and callous, because I possess this almost innate ability to walk away and let go. However, this was not a skill I developed over time. This was something that was thrust... Continue Reading →

Blue Skies

Blue days, all of them gone Nothin' but blue skies from now on Blue skies smilin' at me Nothin' but blue skies do I see ~Ella Fitgerald's "Blue Skies" Although Summer has not officially started, the weather where I live is nice and the pool is open. The beaches are filling up. Its beautiful outside... Continue Reading →

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