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Dancing to Demos

As more and more shopping events pop up on the grid, it is getting harder to decide where and how to spend our lindens. Plus there are so many outfits that look similar, sometimes we feel duped finding a similar look for less money at another event only a day or two after we just purchased one. So, I’m going to make a few recommendations over the coming days/weeks that will hopefully make your shopping life a little easier. I’ll write about these as they come to me. I’m going to start off by going over some pretty basic stuff that may seem rudimentary to some of you, but give me a chance to explain before you roll you completely roll your eyes at me. *looks at Dusty and laughs*

So, we will call the first tip, Dancing with Demos! First and foremost, know that demos are your friend. There’s nothing worse than buying something from a designer you’ve always trusted in the past to find that an outfit simply doesn’t work with your AO or your particularly shape. Double the shopping fun and grab those demos, go home, try them on, and make yourself a little list of what you like and immediately throw away what doesn’t work out. It never hurts to take that little bit of extra time to double check the fit.

There used to be a hair store that I never ever had to try demos, but then overnight they changed something and suddenly their hair simply did not fit me anymore. Their old hair did, but none of their new styles even fit. It wasn’t a matter or not looking good, they literally did not fit! Being rigged mesh, there was no way to resize them and I’m not going to complain to the creator when I didn’t bother to try the demo. Thus, I was out about 2k, as I always bought fatpacks, with nothing to show for it. So, no matter how much faith you have in a designer, I urge you to try on those demos. And for the love of other residents, please take your demos home to try on in the comfort of your own home…or to a friend’s place…or a sandbox…just not at the event, please!

Dorothy all grown up

hair: MINA – Ariel (*new* @ Belle)
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
#Besom Lashes~ Sweetheart Lash
.:: StunnerOriginals ::. Eyes Witty (*new* @ Unik)
IDTTY  Faces – Wild Eyeshadow (*new* @ TLC)
IDTTY Faces – Spicy Lipstick (*new* @ TLC)
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia

Ichigo* – Saturn Earrings (*new* @ Belle)
Ascendant – Whore Deluxe Nails (*new* @ Whore Couture)
HORNTAIL Leika Maitreya Kawaii Swimsuit (*new* @ Belle)

pose created by me using AnyPose
MINIMAL – Illuminate Backdrop #5