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I’m Nobody

I recently posted to Facebook, “Why do some people think that their every thought deserves a post on Facebook? I don’t get it.” This was mostly aimed at one particular person that posted their opinion about ONE item being sold at an event. She thought the item was overpriced or something. It was just this one random thought and she caught all sorts of hell in her comments from people that were appalled at her post.
First and foremost, I will defend her right to post whatever she wants. It’s her page, she can do what she wants. I do not believe that she deserves to be attacked in the comments, but if she is…I’m here for it. I know I shouldn’t admit that, but let’s be real that’s the best part of stumbling across these posts. With that said, I am also the person that will unfollow someone like that. I don’t care about rando thoughts on random subjects, particularly if they tend to be negative, boring, and serve no clear purpose…be funny or be gone!
With all of that said, I do know there are people who can laugh at themselves and find their own behavior so ridiculous that they need to share. I honestly think that this sort of post is asking for validation and is a bit more understandable. Now, if I don’t find you as funny as you find yourself….welp, I’m probably going to unfollow…cuz be funny or be gone!
I know I’m not the only person annoyed with these types of posts and by all means, please don’t think I am attacking anyone. I promise I’m not. I appreciate the freedom of speech and just because I personally find someone to be an waste of time and space, certainly doesn’t mean they truly are or that everyone agrees with me. I’m nobody. My opinion holds as much weight as the girl who decided to tell the whole world that she put BBQ sauce on her fries by accident and loved it. I mean, I’ve been putting BBQ sauce on potato wedges for years…ya don’t see me bragging about it all over Facebook. Pffft, get a blog, then if anyone reads it…they did this to themselves! *grins*

I'm Nobody

hair: DOUX – Laura hairstyle
head: LeLUTKA Fleur 3.1
head skin: — PUMEC – MILKA FATPACK – LELU EVO – March X @ Kustom9
body: [LEGACY] Meshbody Perky
body skin: VELOUR: The “Ipanema Body” for Legacy (Sienna)

HORL – Back Orn Tattoo
duckie . DNR

(Yummy) Cyber Punk Ring Collection @ C88
Cynful Cutsy Set @ Equal10

pose: Ana Poses – Lucerne

background: {anc} starry starry night