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Home Office

It’s getting unbelievably cold outside at night, but during the temperatures during day  fluctuate 10-20* from what they are at night. My poor desk is staying cleaner, but I’m getting farther and farther behind. So, today, I’m going to do everything I can to get caught up in SL…yes, this is how I shall spend my Saturday. Hell, I went to bed at 8pm last night with a handful of medication.
I’ve always dreamed of having a beautiful study much like this one. I see photos of other people’s desks on FB and I’m can’t help but wonder how the hell they keep them so clean. It’s definitely something I’m working on. In the meantime, if you’re like me and love office supplies and fun ways to decorate a home office or study area. Give some of the stores listed below a visit. They’ve all got super cute stuff and I’m lacking the words to be all touchy feely and wordy this morning. So, I wish you all a weekend filled with love & laughter & shopping♥

home office

scene created in Myrrine Greenhouse white

uk – Celestial Nook Cabinet & Acces Set
-uK – Celestial Nook Shelf Left White
-uK – Celestial Nook Trunk White
-uK – Celestial Nook Book Set 2
-uK – Celestial Nook Book Set 3
-uK – Celestial Nook Crescent Moon Silver

ACORN Writing Desk Set
-ACORN White Wood Desk
-ACORN White Wood Chair
-ACORN Perfume Art -Pink
-ACORN Perfume Art -Blue
-ACORN Desk Lamp -White/Metal
-ACORN Pencil Case
-ACORN Pencil Stand
-ACORN Letter Holder
-ACORN Vase of Tulips -Apricot
-ACORN Stationary Organiser -Blush
-ACORN World Globe
-ACORN Rug -Ashton

ACORN Book 3 Stack -Turtle
ACORN Shadow Box Butterfly Green
ACORN & Dahlia Shelly -Suede Cerice

{what next} Wall Hanging Plant #3
{what next} House Plant – Eucalyptus (stand)
{what next} House Plant – Rubber Tree

BUENO– Laptop Blessed

KraftWork 2018 Calendar . Fameshed November Gift 2017

{moss&mink} Dazzle Pumpkin (Cluster)
{moss&mink} Love Hideaway – Art Print GIFT
{moss&mink} Unicorn Party – Hanging Stars 1 GIFT

***If you are reading this on any site that suggests this post was originally published anywhere but SadyStyle by anyone other than Sadystika Sabretooth, you are reading a stolen post.

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Let’s Talk About Pumpkins

Today, we’re going to talk about pumpkins, boys and girls! There’s a time and place for all things. I realize that, at least in the U.S., pumpkins signify Autumn and for NORMAL people Thanksgiving…pumpkin pies, perhaps even a pumpkin roll or pumpkin bars with a nice cream cheese filling/frosting. Now, I can’t speak about the rest of the world, but our president isn’t the only thing orange around here this year. America has gone too far! We have pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING! Coffee….just ew. Cookies….eh, ok, not everyone knows how to bake or has time, but for me…nah. Even those two things I can handle. However, you cannot go into a store that sells groceries without being inundated with all thing pumpkin…it’s starting to feel a bit like Bubba Gump ran out of shrimp and started in with pumpkin. From condoms to vodka, we’ve got pumpkin cereals, oatmeal, waffles, poptarts, pancakes…coffee, creamer, ice cream, yogurt, eggnog…marshmallows, M&Ms, Hershey kisses, almonds, granola….soup, jello, hummus, syrup, crackers…ffs even pumpkin flavored breath strips! There’s even pumpkin butter (like peanut butter) and regular butter, pumpkin Pringles, Doritoes, Peeps,  beer, bologna, chewing gum, literally pumpkin chips,…ya know, veggie chips other than potatoes that they convince people are better for you? There’s even pumpkin flavored toothpaste! And I shit you not about the damn condoms and vodka. I could sit here and bore you to pieces very much like Bubba Gump went on about shrimp, but even Bubba had the good sense to know that shrimp doesn’t belong in EVERYTHING! Don’t even get me started on the pumpkin scented items…from candles (understandable) to sanitary napkins (yes, I’m serious).
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not anti-pumpkin, but again…time and place…I like them for decor and in pies. There are a few other home baked exceptions, to my personally approved pumpkin flavored list, but I can assure you that Oreos and water are not on the damn list!
Let’s talk about one of the most welcome places to find pumpkins this time of year…decor! I’m not talking all the crazy painted colored pumpkins, but this dining set from Fancy Decor (always tasteful decor) has done it right. Simple…small…metallic pumpkins set the tone for this dining room set perfectly and I’m more than pleased to introduce a touch of fall to my beach house with this beautiful Abigail Dining Collection. You can grabs yours from Collabor88, join me in keep pumpkins where they belong this year…in decor and pies. Yes, I’m talking to you, Tracy Redangel, I know you can’t wait to get down to Starbucks and order that pumpkin latte. *rolls her eyes and wanders off to find something NOT pumpkin flavored to eat for breakfast*

Seasonal Dining
click the photo for a closer look

house: ROOST – Palm View House
Fancy Decor: Abigail Dining Collection (*new* @ C88)
-Fancy Decor: Abigail Dining Chairs
-Fancy Decor: Abigail Dining Table
-Fancy Decor: Abigail Place Settings
-Fancy Decor: Abigail Rug
-Fancy Decor: Autumn Centerpiece
-Fancy Decor: Classic Coffee Cups
-Fancy Decor: Classic Coffee Pot
-Fancy Decor: Classic Salt & Pepper Shakers
-Fancy Decor: Classic Water Glasses
-Fancy Decor: Table Runner
dust bunny . fiddle leaf tree
dust bunny . potted cheese plant
dust bunny . potted rubber tree
A Good Vintage – Wine Table

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Upside Down World

Its not secret that I’m a huge DRD fan. So, when they announced that they were doing their own series of mystery box subscriptions I was super excited. I’ve done hunts in their store for absolutely free prizes and have not deleted a single one. C’mon, how often can you say that about hunt prizes? Me? Never. I gave up on hunts ages ago, because to be honest I rarely liked the prizes. Subscription boxes aren’t new to the grid either, many have come and gone, but I knew this was one I would have to see. As I don’t do videos, I’m just going to write my reactions as they happen, but before I do. I want to offer you the link for more information on the DRD Shadow Box.

First, we open the box….wow, what an inventive way to gather your objects. Seems innocent enough, wrapped in brown paper, tied with rope. I click it and the paper becomes animated, falling away to present a gorgeously aged standing jewelry box. Instantly, two folders are sent to me:
1. DRD – Shadow Box – Series 01 – SEP 2017 – LIGHT
2. DRD – Shadow Box – Series 01 – SEP 2017 – DARK
NICE!! Each folder contains eight items. Let’s dig into the Light side first!
Oh! A very nice aged armchair! Six poses for gals and six for guys. No couples, but a few of the poses have automatic props, like cigars and martinis. Very nice! WOW! A full sized, very detailed China Cabinet! Ooooh, next we have a Clock Shelf. So cute!! WOW! A fully decorated coffee table. Oh this is nice! I think we’re about to have a full room of furniture…just rezzed a gorgeous floor lamp complete with a fringed lampshade. I am loving this!!  OMG! We’ve got a velvet couch, an upright piano, and a piano chair!! This is amazing!!! *rushes over to the dark side to see what’s next*
OOOH EEMMM GEEEE!!! Right out of the dark side box comes an armchair, covered with a cloth and cobwebs. It has four mental poses. Oh this is fantastic! We have another clock shelf, but this one is dusty and covered in cobwebs. Love it!!  Another coffee table, this is also dusty and covered in cobwebs. I’m sensing the theme of the dark side and I’m in love! OH HELL YES!! Instead of a china cabinet, we have a creepy doll cabinet…naturally covered in cobwebs! A tattered floor lamp, busted up piano chair, broken upright piano, and a very worn couch complete this collection.

This is a seriously fantastic box. So, if you like what you see…if you love DRD…then click the link to find out how you can get yours. Oh and did I mention that there are six boxes in a series. If you collect all six, there’s a special prize at the end of six months???? Yeah, go check it out: DRD Shadow Box

Alright, so I did my picture and was inspired by Stranger Things. If you’ve not seen it, you might not get the reference of Upside Down World, but that’s what I was going for. All the details are below.
upside down world

Fancy Decor: Damask Wall Panel (medium)
DRD – Shadow Box – Series 01 – SEP 2017
DRD – Shadow Box – Series 01 – SEP 2017 – LIGHT
-DRD – Series 01 – Velvet Couch – Light
-DRD – Series 01 – Upright Piano – Light
-DRD – Series 01 – Piano Chair – Light
-DRD – Series 01 – Floor Lamp – Light
-DRD – Series 01 – Coffee Table – Light
-DRD – Series 01 – Clock Shelf – Light
-DRD – Series 01 – China Cabinet – Light
-DRD – Series 01 – Armchair – Light
DRD – Shadow Box – Series 01 – SEP 2017 – DARK
-DRD – Series 01 – Velvet Couch – Dark
-DRD – Series 01 – Upright Piano – Dark
-DRD – Series 01 – Piano Chair – Dark
-DRD – Series 01 – Floor Lamp – Dark
-DRD – Series 01 – Doll Cabinet – Dark
-DRD – Series 01 – Coffee Table – Dark
-DRD – Series 01 – Clock Shelf – Dark
-DRD – Series 01 – Armchair – Dark


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“We don’t care, we’re driving Cadillacs in our dreams.” Lordes’ Royals

One of the many luxuries I enjoy in Second Life is the ability to change my address in a matter of minutes and redecorating my home in a matter of hours or days. I can live as luxurious or as humble as my mood determines. I’m not rich in real life and I’ve never been one of those that pursued the rich life. I remember when I was younger, there was a rather wealthy man interested in me and my mother was encouraging me to date him. Well, that was her first mistake, what 20 year old is going to date the man her mother wants for her? Not this one. More importantly, I just wasn’t attracted to him physically or mentally, certainly not emotionally.
Anyway, the real point of this post is that in Second Life we can be royals if we want to and there’s never been a better time to pursue that luxurious lifestyle, because coming up on September 1st The Arcade is back! Let the Gacha Games commence!
That means tons of fantastic & fun finds like the very posh Ramses Collection from Fancy Decor. This set includes 19 items, with three Rares! THREE! That means your odds are pretty favorable, yeah? If that’s not fantastic enough, the two chairs and sofa in this set? Yeah, they come with a color hud, which allows your four options. I’ve shown you the purple, but there’s a blue, a green, and silverish gray.
So, start saving up because this is just the tip of the royal iceberg, Baby! Stay tuned for more goodies from Fancy Decor and the Arcade, because I’m living the fantasy life and loving every minute of it. I hope you will do the same. ♥

hair: Lovey Dovey :: Sage
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
SPIRIT – Mila dress

03 Fancy Decor: Ramses Shelf RARE(*new* @ The Arcade) September 1-30*
18 Fancy Decor: Pyramid Obelisk (white) (*new* @ The Arcade)
Fancy Decor: Wire Crystal Candle (August Luxe Box)
Fancy Decor: Geode Bookends (August Luxe Box)
[ free bird ] Large Geode – Garnet
01 Fancy Decor: Ramses Armchair RARE (*new* @ The Arcade)
11 Fancy Decor: Ramses Side Table (black) (*new* @ The Arcade)
*LODE* Decor – Snapdragon Vase Big [dark violet]

pose by Bauhaus Movement

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Summer Colds Suck

“How are you feeling?” they all ask.

I want to tell them that I feel like road kill or that it feels like death just took a shit on my head. I want to be dramatic and cry out, “I’M DYING!” Okay, maybe I did say those things to a few of my closest friends, but c’mon let’s face it….SUMMER COLDS SUCK! I can deal with a lot things, but summer colds are the absolute worst. Of course, that’s because that’s what I’m suffering from right now. Naturally, I found a way to milk my miserable status by showing you just how sick I am. Even my avatar is sick…SEE?

sick day


pictured above:
IKON Triumph Eyes – Glass
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
[theSkinnery] Sonya (Catwa Applier) – honey (*new* at C88)
Izzie’s – CATWA Tears Applier
hair: ::Exile:: In The Shade

top: ISON – lace bralette (nude)
bottoms: ISON – lace trim shorts (nude)

Bazar Stockholm-Bed
tarte. night sky curtain
*Second Spaces* Sick Day accessory set (on the nightstand)
Bazar Traveler-Night stand
tarte. ladder display
Bazar Glam-FEMALE closet WHITE

photographed in:
DaD DESIGN “Sun Forest Cottage” (*new* at Shiny Shabby)

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A strong spirit transcends rules. ~Prince

How true it is…I just wrote yesterday about “differentness” and how I struggled to find my place in the world after we quit moving. Prince played such a huge role in my road of self discovery. I’ll share one quick story and then get on with the picture and credits, because I’m just very sad today. We lost such an amazing talent and truly magnificent spirit.

In the 8th grade (shut it about my age), a group of us would all meet in the band room to listen to Prince’s Controversy album, because none of our parents would let us listen to it at home. That album means more to me than most people would imagine. R.I.P. Prince and thank you for sharing yourself with the world. ❤


IKON Triumph Eyes – Glass
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
[theSkinnery] Sonya (Catwa Applier) – honey (*new* at C88)
Moon. Hair // – Blondes – Mysterons (*new* at C88)
.Shi : Headphone [V1.Black] RARE
[Cynful] Hey Bae Top – Eggplant
[Cynful] Hey Bae Pants – Eggplant
*MUKA* Garter Thigh Socks – Lara
{Livalle} Chyna -Lace up Platform Boots

pose: Purple Poses Trish 02

decor left to right:
[ keke ] huge cozy up pillow – pink
::KKs:: Paint your life – pillow crown
floorplan. record shelf / stained
Stereo & components (floor records & cassettes): [ kunst ] – Vintage (complete set)
Toro. Wallhanging + Lights {Morrocan}
Apt B // Douze Roses – Crate Pillows

BAZAR  Stockholm-Headphones (decor) & Stockholm-Music tapes
:CP: East Side Blush Rug

photographed in:
Apt B // Old & Rusted – Attic RARE