Selfish Love

Once again, I'm going to let the music speak for me, because as many ideas that I have for what to write...well...*grins*...I'm not telling you. Thanks again to my dear friend, Aaron for modeling with me. ❤ Jessie Ware - Selfish Love Baby let's be honest about this There's only room for one in your... Continue Reading →


Five Letters

"It pleases you to say you’re sorry when you’re not It’s a dangerous slip of the tongue" Tei Shi - How Far It's a funny thing...apologies. We often say that one proves their love, but we rarely speak of proving an apology. of the most overused five letters words in the English language. More... Continue Reading →

What if…we get real?

How was your day? Such a simple question to ask, but it can make a world of difference to the person you're asking. Its usually the first thing I say after, "Hi Baby!" when I see Sino each day. Whenever I'm excited about something, I tend to make my story first followed by embarrassment for... Continue Reading →

Not For Arachnophobes (like Nikole)

I grew up with a mother that was absolutely, hysterically frightened of spiders and she could spot the tiniest of spiders anywhere. Growing up with a mother that suffers from arachnophobia had its perks. To this day, I can still pull the "there's a spider on you" prank and it never fails to get a... Continue Reading →

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