3 A.M.

It's 3AM and I'm sitting in front of my computer taking pictures of an avatar in a virtual world. Thoughts racing through the matrix of my mind, as quickly as the light travels from my screen to my eyes. Ideas...memories...chores...emotions...zooming past me faster than I can type or even catch. When I do catch a... Continue Reading →


How Bad

I recently saw a meme that read, "Show me how bad you want it" and I thought to myself. Exactly how do you show how bad you want IT. Shouldn't a grope be sufficient? The P.O.T.U.S. has stated that its ok to just grab a woman by her pussy. Now surely in doing that, he's... Continue Reading →

Spank Me

Alright, calm down, I'm not literally asking all of you to come spank me. As much as I do love a good spanking...*blushes*...its just that this dress from Lybra really makes you want to drop something in front of that person you have a crush on, so you gotta bend over and hope that they... Continue Reading →

Stone Cold

I've talked about how I protect my heart by choosing the people I know will break my heart, because I know what to expect. Here's the thing though. It almost sounds like I don't love these people, but I do. I just have serious trust issues. I don't even trust my own mother and I... Continue Reading →

Snake Charmer

I think we all are pretty familiar with the story about the girl and the snake, right? Or at least some version of it. Sometimes she finds him on a sidewalk, sometimes its a little boy, sometimes it an adult. The gist is always the same. Just in case, I've provided a commonly found internet... Continue Reading →

Thinking Bout You

Yes, I know...another music post, Sady? Really? Yes, cuz its my blog and sometimes that's where my mind is. Its times like these, photos like these...the music says it so much better than I can. I can only hope you'll relate, appreciate the tunes, the photo, and above all the gorgeous creations from some incredibly... Continue Reading →

Kindergarten Tired

She wasn't sure how much more she could take or how long she could hang on. The weight of it all was simply too much sometimes. The day had simply consumed her and she was feeling kindergarten tired. You know, when you're so tired, you'd just lie right down wherever you are and gladly take... Continue Reading →

Be Still

Be Still Detached sparks and raining blue beams, Piercing my head again. Boundless escapades, expressions and abbreviations, Unable to escape it, I let it all in. It’s too early, but my mind won’t be still, Playing tricks on me. It’s too late, but my heart won’t be still, Playing tricks on me. I’ve changed my... Continue Reading →

A Bit of Real Talk

Alright, its been a while since I did one of these, but I'm going to take a minute and get real with some of y'all. If you're one of my best friends, you can skip this read, cuz you've heard it and agreed before. So, lets just dive right in while I'm in the mood.... Continue Reading →


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