My Ride

“Oh, oh
I’m falling so I’m taking my time on my ride
Oh, I’m falling so I’m taking my time on my ride
Taking my time on my ride”
Twenty One Pilots-Ride

So, this song started on repeat in my head the minute I started taking this picture and at first I was like, ok, I’ll give them the lyrics and let it go. Then I listened a few more times. Then I read the lyrics without the music, because I love poetry and I recognized the true depth of the song. While its the chorus that usually sticks with us and plants some lovely ear worms, the meat of this song comes in the too quick to keep up in a sing along portion. Give it a read, think it over, then meet me after the row of stars.


“I’d die for you
That’s easy to say
We have a list of people that we would take
A bullet for them
A bullet for you
A bullet for everybody in this room
But I don’t see to see many bullets coming through
See many bullets coming through
Metaphorically I’m the man
But literally I don’t know what I’d do
I’d live for you
And that’s hard to do
Even harder to say
When you know it’s not true
Even harder to write
When you know that tonight
There are people back home which are talking to you
But then you ignore them still
All these questions they’re forming like
Who would you live for?
Who would you die for?
And would you ever kill?”


I hope you have thought it over to yourself, before just skipping to this part. Either way, here’s what I’ve got to say about it…if you’re interested. It’s okay if you’re not, you can scroll on down to the credits. I’ll never know and even if you told me, I’m not going to get butthurt over it. Now that I’ve stalled you enough to make you think one way or the other…let’s jump on down that rabbit hole, shall we?

The whole “die for you” and “take a bullet for you” thing. I can’t know if you’ve ever said it, but I sure have. I can’t know if you have taken a bullet for someone or not, but I haven’t. I have, however, had a gun pulled on me and was more than willing to take that bullet. Being a female, I didn’t have to take the bullet afterall, I just had to take something else while the gun was held to my head. I can say without hesitation that I would be willing to take a bullet for a number of people, but that’s because I’m not afraid to die. I also know that a bullet does not always bring death. So, that answers the next question, as to who I’d die for, because I’d die for quite a number of people if it meant they could keep on living. It’s those same people that I live for, because truth be told if it were just up to me I would have been gone well over a year ago.  I didn’t choose to live for myself. I chose not to bring sorrow and suffering to those I love. Last question, would I ever kill? Yes. If I felt I had no other choice, most definitely. Oddly enough, all of these questions are things I’ve thought about in the past, but I never considered how deeply this song would make think about my past, my present, or my future. Ironically the song points out that the singer has been thinking too much. In turn, the song has caused me to think quite a lot.
After all that heavy thinking, I think I’ll just relax and enjoy what’s left of my ride. Here’s hoping that you can make the most of yours and enjoy it, because as many of us have realized this last week…the ride isn’t as long as we sometimes think it is…*lifts her coffee to the sky*…let’s try to enjoy the ride today as long as it last.

my ride

[RA] Marina Hair
headCATWA HEAD Kathy
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara

EF: Summersong Necklace (*new* @ FaMESHed)
*Just BECAUSE* Eva Dress
Phedora ~ Lupe Sneakers (*new* @ Vintage Fair)

pose: [ Focus Poses ] 50’s Tbird (*new* @ Vintage Fair)
backdrop: [Bad Unicorn] ‘The Docks’ Backdrop



Princess Sady

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away…ok, so it was my virtual backyard! Back to the story, stop interrupting. *winks*
*clears her throat* Once upon a time, on sim not so far away, lived a simple little shopping junkie by the name of Sady. One unsuspecting day she was presented a magical garment by the queen of glamour, Cynthia Ultsch from the land of Cynful, where upon magical things began to happen. Her hair grew long and luxurious as she was touched by the Hairy God Mother aka Lilly Herberg.


Suddenly, she was a princess and deer from far and wide…okay, from all over the sim…came to her, seeking protection. Protection from what you ask? Well, you see there were some very evil hunters across the grid…they were savages and known for their grilling of all things marvelous like cute little goats and even Santa Claus! Yes, truly evil hunters…*nods*…like totally, really bad.
Knowing the deer were depending on her new powers and regal beauty, duh, to keep the hunters at bay, she threw up hands, both left and right, as the hunters approached and said, “Nay, farewell thee, felonious Felicias…your kind are not welcome here. Be gone.”


Just like that and with a power much like that of Darth Vadar, a force was whipped across the land keeping the evil hunters at bay….ok, they were ban lines and they were sent back to their corner of the sim…would you please stay with me and stop being so literal…sheesh. Can’t a girl tell a fairy tale in a virtual world of make believe? *giggles* The point is they went away and as they returned to their corner of the grid with their proverbial tails tucked between their chubby little thighs (I’m so dead.) she flipped them the sweetest little bird she ever did flip, “Ciao!”


And the lovely deer lived safely ever after…well, until Sady logged out and Grace came back to claim her escaped venison. -_-

You can write your very own fairy tale by exploring all the goodies at Collabor88 and the various other awesome events going on around the grid.♥

hair: :::Phoenix::: Tiana Hair (*new* @ Collabor88)
head: CATWA HEAD Catya
eyes: CATWA Mesh Eyes w/-SU!– [CATWA & OMEGA HUD] Xenira Eyes ALL COLORS
skinL’Etre Skin Shop – Megan Skin [Cotton Tone]
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara

!:LYBRA:! Karina Tiara 
Fortuna Full Set [earrings/bracelets/necklace] (*new* @ FaMESHed)
[Cynful] Regality Corset Set (*new* @ Collabor88)

poses: GingerFish Poses  – Ciao
uK – Fairy Realm Gazebo (*new* @ FaMESHed)
JIAN :: White Tail Deer
Roses by *~Aphrodite  Shop~*
=EliBaily= Ivy
E.V.E Dancing Hearts (*new* @ We ❤ Role-Play)
*alirium* DwarfForest

What if…There Was No Tomorrow?

That’s right, its time for another “What if…” post and today we’re going with the end of the world! We’ve all seen the doomsday prepper people in some form or another. Either a reality show (growls) or movies or some other sort of media. Now, I’m not a big prepper myself, but I do remember my mother loading me down with drinking water right after 9/11. I’m not making light of that awful incident, but my mother (much like many others) feared it was the beginning of World War 3 and had a plan! Her plan was terrible, but she had one.


That’s not my big what if, though…I’m not thinking of wars or apocalypse. I recently binge watched a show on Netflix called No Tomorrow and the premise of the show is a character that believes an asteroid will destroy the entire planet in less than a year. He has an exact date and there’s a lot more to the show, but it really got me thinking. What if we did know the end of the world was coming on an exact date. I mean the entire planet will cease to exist. What if all the world leaders came together to express that this was indeed happening and we all knew we only has X many days left to live….all of us?


So, the big What if…there is no tomorrow? How would I handle my last few months on earth? What would become of humanity in its final moments? Would we reach out lovingly to one another or see a world without consequences and go mad? What if we finally saw all of humanity coming together in love and peace at last? It would be the most glorious of days, don’t you think? Although, given recent events, I fear the latter would be closer to the truth. The real “What if..” is this and I pose it to you as a reader with no expectations of an answer, just a question to pose to yourself and perhaps even make you re-think a few things: What if…you believed the world would end in 6 months, 9 months…what would you do first? Write it down. Make a list…don’t think bucket list…think before it’s too late list. I won’t bother you with mine, but let’s show each other some love as if these were our final days.


Whether the world is going to end or not, make sure you treat yourself and other well. Make every day count and do your best to enjoy each day. Life is precious and it can be gone before you know it. In the meantime, go shopping…treat yourself to some new jewelry or shoes or hair! As seen in the pictures above, you can look pretty damn good with just those things and nothing else. 😈

hair: MINA – Ava-Lin (*new* @ FaMESHed)
head: CATWA HEAD Catya
eyes: CATWA Mesh Eyes w/-SU!– [CATWA & OMEGA HUD] Xenira Eyes ALL COLORS
skin: L’Etre Skin Shop – Megan Skin [Cotton Tone]
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara

EF: Fortuna Full Set [earrings/bracelets/necklace] (*new* @ FaMESHed)
!Rebel Hope – Libby Mesh Heels (*new* @ FaMESHed)

poses by Bauhaus Movement
* Mesh Nation *  Cluster of Candles
{anc} feather chips {moon}
{anc} ChainLamps”SODA”
[PM]Pixel Mode – Velvet Covered Chaise (*new* @ FaMESHed)
Kalopsia – Dark Heart Lantern (FLF Feb 3, 2017)

Friday the 13th

“Very superstitious, writing on the wall
Very superstitious, ladders bout’ to fall
Thirteen month old baby, broke the lookin’ glass
Seven years of bad luck, the good things in your past
When you believe in things that you don’t understand
Then you suffer
Superstition ain’t the way”
~Stevie Wonder Superstition

I hadn’t really planned these photos for a Friday the 13th post, else there would be black cats, broken mirrors, and ladders involved. However, it has already been a most interesting and entertaining morning. I’ve never had particularly bad luck on Friday the 13th. One of my favorite people was born on a Friday the 13th. Some of the best moments in my life happened on Friday the 13th. And naturally, one cannot dismiss one of the most iconic horror movies of our time and our leading man Jason Voorhees. So, needless to say, I am excited about today. For me and my dark twisted little mind, it tends to be more of a fun and victorious day rather than something scary and ominous.


I’m simply not a superstitious person, but I have certainly witnessed some crazy superstitions in my lifetime, particularly in the Southern U.S. where I’ve spent the majority of my life. (Don’t judge me!) Of course, the basics are black cats crossing your path, broken mirrors, walking under ladders, seeing the bride in her dress before the wedding, etc. I won’t bother with the debunking or revealing the history of these superstitions, nor will I poke fun at those that truly believe. (Okay, I will be laughing at you, but I won’t tease you…much.)


Some of the crazier superstitions I’ve been warned of over the course of my life have included, but are not limited to the following:
1. Do not set your purse on the floor or you’ll go broke. (Well, that explains everything!)
2. Never sign financial documents, particularly checks, with red ink. (More impending financial doom!)
3. If you look a dog in the eye while it poops you’ll get a pimple in your eye. (I’m thinking you got too close!)
4. Never let anyone sweep your feet or you’ll be single forever. (This is very popular with restaurant workers.)
5. If your primary hand itches, you’ve got money coming your way. If your other hand itches, you’ll be getting a parcel soon. (This one was popular with my Grandmother. I have to admit, I kinda like this one.)
6. Whatever you’re doing when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve is what you will be doing the most, the following year. (Looks like I’ll be sleeping most of 2017! WEWT!)
7. A wild bird in your house is a warning that someone you know is about to die.  (Yeah, probably the bird. I have two cats!)
8. If your ears are burning, someone is talking poorly of you. If they’re itching, someone is speaking nicely of you. (This one amuses me. I don’t know why.)


What I do know is that I’m a very lucky and sometimes unlucky girl, but I do not believe any of it is associated with superstitions. Whether you’re superstitious or not, I hope that this Friday the 13th you will find lots of great deals during your shopping excursions (cuz we all know you’re gonna shop in SL today) and that any ‘luck’ that finds its way to you is good. May Linden Labs servers stay vigilant, may your internet be strong, and  may you suffer not at the hands of lag! *giggles* Yes, it really is that sort of morning for me.

Happy Friday the 13th!!!  XOXO
Oh and for an added bonus, I’ve been told we’re under a full moon, too!

hair:[RA] May Hair
head: CATWA HEAD Catya
skin: [theSkinnery] Opal (Catwa Applier) honey
eyeshadow: Izzie’s – Soft Shimmer Eyeshadows (Catwa Applier)
lipstickMadrid Solo-Appliers- CATWA -Bewitched Lip Colors
ears: .:E.A.Studio Ear Nepthune
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara

.:E.A.Studio:.Box Piercing Bare Code
[CX] Bento Piercing Labret Ring ( Catwa ) (*new* @ Seasons Story)
[CX] Bento Piercing Snakebites ( Catwa ) (*new* @ Seasons Story)
…:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… Reckless Collar (unpacked)
MINIMAL – Female Dalshim Bracelets
!APHORISM! Bijou Collection – Silver Ring – Moonstone
EF: Taos Ring
UC_Tatjana_leather_dress (*new* @ Mesh Body Addicts)
PHEDORA / Trinity Boots / 30.C

poses by Del May (some editing done using AnyPose)
taken at Whole Wheat


A dear friend of mine is always reminding me to, “Bloom where you’re planted.” While I know she didn’t just up with that as she told me a friend of hers often told her the same thing. I did some research and it seems to be quite a mystery. Regardless of where the quote originated its simple message is quite powerful. For me, it just means you make the most of what you have and while life doesn’t always take you where you hoped you’d be, that doesn’t mean your light needs to go out. You simply have to take root where you can and allow yourself to grow from there.
The weather has been dismal and superbly cold the past few days…temperatures dipping well below freezing. While not foreign to my region, its certainly not normal. I’ve had to brave the not so frozen tundra on more than one occasion thanks to my 60lb dogter. Yes, that’s right, she’s my fur baby and I call her my dogter. She’s the closest I’ll ever have to a daughter, but I digress…shocking, I know. So, the weather sucks…life ain’t great…blah blah blah…so without going into a bunch of boring, emo details (shup, Corban)..suffice it to say the past week or two…I’ve been down and out. I’m a solutions kinda girl. I do not like to sit in a pool of self pity. I’m all about changing my mental channel however I can. Sometimes that’s not always the right choice, I end up bottling a lot of stuff up, but this is one time I think I made the right choice for sure.


You see, my sim has been winterized and I am not protesting that decision, as I’m one the main people that pushed for it. However, for a change of pace and scenery I slipped on over to Summer Trace with my little sidekick from Jian. It was here that I settled in for a while and did some thinking. I’ve grown a lot since I first came to this sim and that was just a year ago. And though my RL circumstances have been a bit of a roller coaster, they’re not a whole lot different than they were at this point last year. That is about to change and not because of some New Year’s resolution. Its about to change because I’m about to blossom.


hair:little bones. Olympia  (*new* @ Collabor88)
head: CATWA HEAD Catya
skin: [theSkinnery] Opal (Catwa Applier) honey
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara

**RE** Simone Heart Collar
EF: Harmony Necklace
Elegance Boutique -Corset   “Mona” – FloralGreen (*new* @ Cosmopolitan)
=Zenith=Vintage Lace Legwarm
JIAN Grey Wolf :: Companion  (*new* @ FaMESHed)

taken at Summer Trace using poses in the fountain

What if….Happy Plate

Alright, boys and girls and everything in between, gather round…its time for another disturbing peak into the meanderings of Sady’s mind.
Earlier today, my mother cooked the most delicious meal of grilled pork chops, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, and cheddar biscuits. As my fork dove into the green beans I thought, “I’m about to make a very happy plate out of this meal.” Now, that may sound rather odd to some of you, but growing up in the South (I can’t speak for other regions) it was fairly common for mommas to tell their kids to make a happy plate or no dessert or you can’t go back out to play or  some other dire consequence that no child wants to hear. So, the goal was to make a happy plate. To make a happy plate, you had to eat everything on the plate.
So, as I found myself thinking that I was about to make a happy plate (with no consequences other than a full belly) I thought to myself, “What if…plates were actually happier when the food was on them?” I know! What if all this time we’ve been robbing these poor plates of their joy by taking away the only thing that indeed does make them happy. Afterall, we all want to serve a purpose, right? What purpose does a plate serve while tucked away nice and clean….and EMPTY in a cabinet? What joy can be found by lying around dirty in a sink piled up with other dirty dishes and utensils? What if moms had been making the happy plates all along, only they didn’t know it? Worse yet, moms were sadistic and actually wanted to steal the joy of the plates? We weren’t making happy plates at all…we were serving evil mothers and their maniacal manifests! *gasps* We were making UNhappy plates!
As I finished my plate, I knew that it was a silly notion. I mean, plates are inanimate objects without feelings, right? My mouth was happy. My tummy was happy. Mom was certainly happy that I enjoyed the meal. The plate served it’s purpose, right? It held my food for me…so, the plate WAS happy…for a little while.


One thing is for sure, my pixels are hella happy in this Goal Digger dress from Cynful. I swear that store is named correctly, because this dress is cynfully delicious! I’ve dressed it up with jewels, but there are some pretty slay worthy stripe options available with this dress…so slay worthy, in fact, that the word Slay is proudly displayed across the back. Not to worry, that’s only with the sporty stripes. If you want to shine and go out sleek and elegant, then save the stripes for another day. This dress is so complete, you don’t even need to wear your body under it. Wanna save on complexity? Take off the body, wear some hands and feet, you’re all set. And we all know that for every HUD you remove you improve your performance and cut down on your contribution to lag.
There was some serious time and work put into this design and it shows. Looks at how the wrinkles and shadows of the material are strategically placed, making it look so realistic and yummy! To put it in the words of the first man that saw me in this dress, “WOW! That dress is gorgeous! You look amazing!”
So to all of you I wish happy plates, happy pixels, and happy shopping! *winks*

hair:.Shi Hair : Discorded / Unisex (*new* @ Shiny Shabby)
head: CATWA HEAD Catya
ears: .:E.A.Studio Ear Nepthune
skin: [theSkinnery] Opal (Catwa Applier) honey
eyeshadow: Izzie’s  – Soft Shimmer Eyeshadows (Catwa Applier)
lipstick: ::SG::  Clara Lips for CATWA Heads only!
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara

EF: Communique Full Jewelry Set
[Cynful] Goal Digger Dress (*new* @ Collabor88)

poses by Gingerfish Poses -Curves Set

Winter Magic

The winter solstice has always been special to me as a barren darkness that gives birth to a verdant future beyond imagination, a time of pain and withdrawal that produces something joyfully inconceivable, like a monarch butterfly masterfully extracting itself from the confines of its cocoon, bursting forth into unexpected glory. Gary Zukav

I’m not going to elaborate too much on the quote. I just think winter is one of the most magical times of year, particularly when it snows (not blizzards, although those are amazing). Since I was a little girl, I’ve marveled at how for a few months at any given time glittering ice can fall from the sky and paint everything in a soft pillowy glow of white powder. I’ve always had a personal kinship with winter, because its on the coldest nights that I’ve found myself outside in tears and that crisp cold air being the only thing that can clear my head. Perhaps I find some solace in connecting the outer cold with the frozen heart I so often claim. Maybe I just like how my lungs feel so alive as I inhale the frigid air. Whatever it is, I find an odd comfort in the cold. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to resent it almost as much because of how it affects my body, but I will march right out into the cold dark night to clear my head. Hmmm, I suppose I’m literally going outside to chill out. *snickers*



As always, there are some fantastic events going on with tons of great wintery themes. I’m sure there’s something magical waiting for you just around the corner. Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!♥

**CC**– Ice Queen (*new* @ Winter Solstice)
hair: MINA & EF – Harmony (*new* @ FaMESHed)
^^Swallow^^ Ears Elf HD
.:E.A.Studio:.Box Piercing Bare Code
. a i s l i n g . NoseChains
Glam Affair – Charms! Silver (*new* @ FaMESHed)
!dM deviousMind “Duneyrr” WinterHorns (*new* @ We❤ RolePlay)
**RE** Zaria Bracelets
!gO! Frostina Dress  (*new* @ We❤ RolePlay)

props: S&P tree jewel silver and S&P tree jewel gold  (*new* @ Tannenbaum)
location: TaKe Heart