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An Abundance

I’ve been super sick. My symptoms started on Saturday and have changed a bit since then. I haven’t thrown up since Sunday, but Monday night and Tuesday I had a low grade fever that has gone up and down, periodically throughout the day, fluctuating between 99.5 & 101. It’s weird having a fever, I honestly cannot remember the last time I had one. Seems to have gone down now. So, I’m sure I’m already on the mend.
Of course, when I told people my wide range of symptoms, everyone automatically jumped to the Covid conclusion. Unlike far too many people out there, I am vaccinated. (I will not even go into that.) I never felt like it was Covid, nor do I believe it was the flu. I seriously never leave my house and the only person I’ve encountered is my mother, who is also vaccinated…75yrs old, and healthier than me. Also, my symptoms were pretty much the symptoms for EVERYTHING.
I think what I found the most amusing in all of this was the wide variety of advice people were giving me. They forgot that my mother is a retired registered nurse or that I’m almost 53 years old. Drink tea, drink water, drink juice….don’t drink tea, avoid juice, don’t drink too much water. Eat soup. Don’t eat. Eat crackers. Eat toast. Get a covid test. Get some rest. Try to exercise. Get some sunlight. Dark cold room. None of my friends are doctors, but several do work in the medical field or have. Yet, even they have contradicting advice. They all mean well and I love them for that. Better to have too much advice from an abundance of people that care, than not a single IM from anyone that already knows you’re sick af.
On Sunday, I thought perhaps it was food poisoning, as I ate some questionable romaine lettuce. All I know if I ever die by lettuce, I’m gonna be PISSED!
For now, I’ll just sit on my land and do my lil fishing game. It relaxes me and I love my little sl home on the Blake. Feel free to come visit. ♥

An Abundance

hair: DOUX – Olivia hairstyle @ DreamDay Event
head: LeLUTKA Avalon
head skin: [Glam Affair] Cherry [Lelutka EvoX] @ UBER
body: [LEGACY] Meshbody Perky
body skin: VELOUR: The “Ipanema Body” for Legacy (Chantilly)

(Yummy) Tuca Earrings @ Kustom9 (August)
Addams Exclusive // Aracely Rustic Tunic // LIMITED EDITION
[BREATHE]-Sakuko Wedges @ Uber

[Rezz Room] English Bulldog Puppy Original @ ManCave until Sept 11

Ana Poses – Rosario Poses

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VolleyBall and Hot Dogs

I’ve said it many times about how blessed I am to have such amazing friends. That’s never been more evident than when I sent out a notice giving them one day to toss on some beach wear and come pose for a photo in which they probably won’t even be recognized.  Not only did they show up, but we had so much fun shooting this photo. My four closes friends were there without question and that makes me love them all the more. This is not a fashion post and I’m not going to bother trying to list what everyone is wearing. Especially since this photo is all about the VolleyBall game and the hot dog thief. Clearly, Dusty is too distracted by bouncing girls in bikinis to notice the pups stealing…lol…oh and if you know Dusty, you know that this is where he would roll his cartoon eyes. *smirks*

volley ball and hot dogs

[Bad Unicorn] Vista Volleyball Set (*new* @ K9)
-[Bad Unicorn] ‘Vista Volleyball’ Court
-[Bad Unicorn] ‘Vista Volleyball’ Ball
-[Bad Unicorn] ‘Vista Volleyball’ Bench
-[Bad Unicorn] ‘Vista Volleyball’ Referee Chair
-[Bad Unicorn] ‘Vista Volleyball’ Scoreboard

JIAN Boston Terrier Hot Dog Thief (*new* @ Uber)
-JIAN Hot Dog Grill
-JIAN Boston Terrier :: Hot Dog Thief

JIAN Beach Corgis :: Drink Cooler RARE
JIAN Beach Corgis :: Beach Towel RARE

poses for volleyball players are all from Bauhaus Movement

Huge Special THANK YOU to everyone that made this photo
from left to right:
mattio Magic
Lucavi Couturier
Dusty Wasp
Beatrice Ballyhoo
Grace Sixpence
Caitlin Mirabella
Niccolo Ellisson
Kess Crystal
Me(Sadystika Sabretooth)
Kronic Stoanes
Tracy Redangel
Romulus Greymoon