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It Feels Good

My closest friends know that I’m a bit of a prankster. Nothing major, no bashing of the Xbox of anything like that, but I do like to put the fear of Gods in my mother, yank the chains of friends, and sabotage homes in Second Life. (You’ve been warned.) Recently, I was able to troll one of the captains of trolling himself, Mr Dusty Wasp. Oh yes, and it was glorious! I’ll do my best to keep this short…*giggles*
Dusty knows how much I love documentaries and how I’m very curious about how people, especially those with peculiar lifestyles or beliefs. So, being the awesome friend that he is, he told me about a documentary on Netflix about Flat Earthers. He went on to say he had no interest in it, but he knew I was curious about stuff like that. So, I watched it within a few days.
The day after I watched it. When I told him about it the conversation went pretty much as follows…
Sady: Oh hey, thanks for telling me about that Flat Earther documentary. I get it now.
Dusty: Oh yeah, what do you get?
Sady: Well, I get where they’re coming from. I mean there’s these airplanes that go all the way around the world, rather than the shortest way. If Earth was round, why wouldn’t they take the shorter route?
Dusty: Wait, what are you saying?
Sady: I’m saying, I get it! I see their point. It all makes so much sense now. I mean, didn’t NASA admit that the footage of the moon landing was done in a studio? So, why wouldn’t they like about the earth being round. I mean we thought it was flat begin with, but then the powers to be all told us that its round.
Dusty: OMG! I shouldn’t have let you watch that by yourself.
(I am cracking up at this point. I’m not sure I can keep going.”
Dusty: Here…please watch this video. It’s only about 10 mins long, but you just cannot believe that the earth is flat.

At this point, I burst into laughter and explain that, of course, I know the earth is not flat. I live in Huntsville, AL….the Rocket City. NASA is in my back yard and the rockets that go into space are built here and most of the stuff that has come back from space is on display at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center that’s located less than 10 miles from my house.

And now whenever I tell this story or refer to the flat earth in anyway, I am met with a resounding, “Fuck you!” *giggles* Fuck you, too, Dusty! ♥

I TROLLED THE CAPTAIN OF THE TROLLS!!! And it feels gooooood. *grins* Feel free to use this little trick on your friends and let me know how it goes.

Are you sure it’s round?

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