Still Learning

“I am still learning.” ~ Michelangelo

I borrowed this quote from a friend of mine’s profile. It is so profound in its simplicity and then when I realized who is credited for saying it, I was instantly humbled. When such a great artist can maintain his humility, I find it ironic when people boast of their greatness. I believe that if we ever stop learning, we stop living. I try to learn at least one new thing a day, even if its just some random useless piece of trivia. I want each day to present me with new information.

cherry tree

hair: .Olive. the Emma Hair (*new* @ Uber)
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
skin: violetta. -catwa skin applier -Milanna -#202 (*new* @ SkinFair)
tattoo: Happiness – Black Tattoo [CAROL G]  (*new* @ SkinFair)
_CandyDoll_ Alexa Dress -(*new* @ Whore Couture)
_CandyDoll_ Alexa Fishnet -(*new* @ Whore Couture)

pose: FOXCITY. Breezy Bento Pose Set (*new* @ ON9)
FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Cherry Blossom (*new* @ ON9)

wearing below:  .::Dead Dollz::. Gwen Lingerie Set – Pink
violetta. -catwa skin applier -Milanna -#202 (*new* @ SkinFair)
violetta. -catwa skin applier -Milanna -#202_001



Enjoy Yourself

There seems to be an awful lot of talk on Facebook in the SL blogger circles about the do this and the don’t do that. I honestly feel like somethings are basic blogger common sense, but at the end of the day there is only one real answer to the how to blog question. ANY WAY YOU WANT! I joke around a lot saying, “I do what I want.” Yet, the statement is truer than most would believe. I’ve heard people say, “Don’t use bad language in your blog. Its not professional.” Fuck that, its my blog and I’ll damn well write whatever I want. Now, I’m fully aware that some designers would not like to sponsor a blogger like me. That’s fine. I completely understand. So, then the decision falls on me as to which is more important….being true to myself or getting sponsors? For me, the answer is simple. I did not begin blogging with the hopes of obtaining free stuff. I’ve never catered my blog to appeal to a certain audience. My regular readers (all five of them) will tell you that when you click on my blog link there’s absolutely no telling what you will find. However, one thing is for sure. You WILL find links to the items, poses, and places I’ve blogged if at all possible.
I’ve heard that posting lyrics and links to a song is lazy. Ok, well, go write a book for each of your blog posts and leave me to mine. Because on the other side of that coin, I’ve had people thank me for introducing them to music or lyrics they weren’t familiar with before. I’ve heard people say that writing anything is a waste of time. Ah, but guess what? I don’t really write for others as much as I write for myself. You see, I’m easily amused and I also know that ranting can often be good for soul. So, whether I write or share a poem, share a song, write a story, talk about my life, or rant about something that’s been on my mind. I do it for me, first and foremost. I will admit that it sends me over the moon with glee when someone tells me that they enjoyed something in my blog.
So, to my fellow bloggers out there worrying about the “rules of blogging,” remember that the very first rule and really the only one that matters is: Enjoy yourself.


hair:  RAMA.SALON – Chiara Hair (*new* @ BLUSH)
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
skin: Glam Affair –  Catwa Applier – Clara – America 02
tattoo: Romantic Roses Color [CAROL G]
.::Dead Dollz::. Kimi Dress – White (*new* @ BLUSH)
Phedora / Jennifer heels / 28 C (*new* @ Kinky)

pose: FOXCITY. Angels Bento Pose Set (*new* @ Cosmopolitan)
location: FaMESHed

Get My Groove Back

Her divorce was final and she had treated herself to a tropical vacation. She’s read all about how Stella got her groove back by going to Jamaica, now she was ready for an adventure of her own. Having left only the minimal contact information with a trusted friend at home that would only call her if someone died, she stepped out on her own to take a holiday that was simply a break from her life.
It was her first day here and she wanted to just take in the view from the comfort of her tiny balcony. This was a private resort that offered all the amenities she needed and now…well…there was some very pretty eye candy walking around the pool. Oh my, she thought, maybe this is how I’ll get my groove back.

I spy with my little eye

:  Sintiklia – Hair Jasmine (*new* @ Hair Fair 2017)
headCATWA HEAD Kathy
eyeshadow~Shiny Stuffs~ CATWA Glances applier (*new* @ MBA)
lipstick~Shiny Stuffs~ CATWA Whispers applier (*new* @ MBA)
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara
tattoo[CAROL G] Squaw Black – Leg Tattoo (*new* @ MBA)
DE Designs – Beth Cross Top (*new* @ MBA)
{le fil casse} Tamara Skirt (*new* @ MBA)

Exposeur – Caz’s Costa Rican Retreat (*new* @ Gacha Guardians)


Just Breathe

“Wish I was small
In sunny days
A summer light breeze
Could lead me further”
The White Birch ~ Breathe

Sometimes life delivers me some rather low and sudden blows. Its times like these that I want to either curl up in a ball in the comfort of my bed, wrapped in the familiarity of my blankets, pillows, and dreamless slumber…or I want to run as far from the world as possible…to the edge of nowhere and just feel the comfort of the sun on my skin…a warm breeze caressing my flesh. As beautiful and wonderful as the world of Second Life can be, sometimes even here there is no solace from the harsh dark clouds hovering over me in the real world. Despite the fact that logic tell me, “this is temporary” and “this too shall pass.” Sometimes I cannot help but be swallowed up by the overwhelming desperation swirling like the madness of a tornado in my mind. Try as I may, I cannot always beat my demons with the rational of optimism and logic. Some days its all I can do to just breathe.


hair:  Tableau Vivant \\ Summer Hairplay – Sundowner (*new* @ Arcade)
headCATWA HEAD Kathy
eyesCATWA Mesh Eyes Pack
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara
tattoo: Vintage Flowers – White Tattoo [CAROL G] (*new* @ Vintage Fair)

EarthStones Crystal Rain Earrings – Aqua
EarthStones Crystal Rain Double Necklace – Aqua
EarthStones Crystal Rain Long Necklace – Aqua
Kaithleen’s Vintage Summer Dress (*new* @ The Liaison Collaborative)

pose by oOo Studio
location: Black Kite


Where the Heart Is

“There is nothing more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends.”
Homer, The Odyssey

In Second Life, our beautiful and dramatic virtual world, emotions can run just as strong as they do in the real world, sometimes even stronger. When I find myself feeling like I’m home with that one person or that group of people..when I know there’s no place I’d rather be than there…wherever they are…then I know I have found home. When those special people aren’t around. whether is because of computer issues, internet interruptions, or simply real life? I try to venture out into the world and discover new people and new places. Not as replacements or even fillers, but enhancements and possibly even some new “family.” If you read my blog regularly, you know that’s what I’ve been doing lately. If not, you know now.  In venturing out, I made some amazing new friends and nurtured some existing friendships.

Yet, there are few joys that compare to sitting and chatting with that special someone. Feeling like I’m actually home for the first time in over a week. I won’t get too very personal here or get all TMI (shut up, Rom). I’ll try not to get too mushy or love-dovey (shut it, Tracy). I can’t help but gush just a little bit about the amazing people in my life, especially the one pictured here with me. Sino and I have gone back and forth from friends to lovers to friends to lovers to almost hating each other, but always loving each other for…well…over a year now. And no matter what, I just know in my heart that he and I will ALWAYS be friends first. We’ve made our friendship our first priority and the foundation on which we build everything else. He came home today, as in back online after being gone FOREVER. Ok, perhaps it was only a week and a half, but even my best friends knew I was going bonkers.  Anyway, he’s home now. I’m happy again and looking forward to introducing him to all my new and wonderful friends…just as soon as I’m done making up for lost time.
Soooo, I’ll see you all next week. I hope you all enjoy your weekend. ❤


Sady is wearing:
hair by elikatira: [e] Brielle 2
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
TETRA – Sporty Lingerie
Roses Skull Back [CAROL G]
Roses Skull – Leg Tattoo [CAROL G]

Sino is wearing:
[sYs] MOUSYS cyberpop sunglasses
Modulus – Brooklyn Hair
A:S:S deLuxe – Strangeland necklace
**RE** Savage Ear Piercings
Head and Body by TMP
[CX] Venom Septum (Black)
[CX] Venom Biters (Black)
[CX] Menace Arc (Black)
[CX] Carnal Rings (Black)
.random.Matter. & Le Morte – Aeson Bracelets
.random.Matter. & Le Morte – Aeson Glove
[CX] Basilisk Rings
Prodigy Ink-7P-CyberPunk Tattoo
Legal Insanity – loose sweats 69 grey

pose by Del May edited using AnyPose
pillows by unKindness-uK – Boho Puff Pillow  Stack


Embracing Change

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. George Bernard Shaw

I’ve written about how there are a lot of changes going on in my life these days and as I face the changes I didn’t choose, I’ve also embraced the theme of change by welcoming some other changes. Some that weren’t exactly necessary, but I sure am grateful that I opened the door to let them in. One of the welcome changes is letting more people into my life. I’ve been quite guarded for a number of years and have been rather selective about the people I’ve allowed to get too close, particularly the last two years. I’ve also been reaching out to some of the people I’ve know for a while, but not really gotten close to and even opened the doors to embrace some amazing new friends.
sharing is caring
I am so glad I did, because its been simply fantastic and it feels like I’m finding my old self again for the first time in many years. I’ve stopped worrying so much what others think of me, because at the end of the day I can’t really control that, can I? People will think what they want to think. Despite what my friends jokingly say about me, I know I’m a good person. In fact, I’m pretty damn awesome and I’m usually pretty fun to hang out with. I made the mistake of letting some pretty toxic people convince me that I wasn’t worth much and because of that I limited myself to my core circle of friends. As beautiful and amazing as they are I found myself depending on them too much. Honestly believing that I had done something wrong if they were too busy for me. Rationality tells me that’s ridiculous and that the world does not revolve around me, but emotional scarring from past abuse made it all too easy to believe that I was to blame for the distance.
For the first time in a long time, I’m happy even without the constant hand holding of my posse. I’m embracing life and challenging myself in new ways. Pushing myself to reach for things that I believed were impossible only a few months ago. I know that a lot of this new found confidence is due in part to the loving support of those core friends and I wouldn’t be this happy without them. I also know that I’m okay to be on my own when they’re unavailable for whatever reason. It feels good.

With that said, lets get on to the details, shall we? And don’t worry for the avid readers of my blog (all three or four or six of you, lol) there is still a very real possibility of the hangover post…lol.

Sady is wearing:
pr!tty – Poca
^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ears (*new* @ Shiny Shabby)
*AvaWay* Nikki_Bracelet, Necklace, and Rings (sold separately)
{Reverie} ‘Serena’ Shirt – Rose (*new* @ Uber)
{Reverie} ‘Serena’ Skirt – Grey (*new* @ Uber)
Roses Skull – Leg Tattoo [CAROL G]

Ari is wearing:
Tableau Vivant \\ Knot [faux dreads]
..::SAMURAI::.. Jeffrey Mesh Head
Stretched ears-Omimi- [MANDALA]
[Signature] Gianni -(Body, feet, hands)
RONSEM* Roll up shirt
RONSEM* Rollup Jeans
Gats Shoes

his pose by Axix
my pose by an lar

location: Hazardous


Pants Are Overrated

For a good portion of the world, it is summertime. For me that means unbearable heat and humidity. I hate sweating, but I do appreciate the warm weather. I appreciate that, more than any other time of the year,  I can enjoy fewer layers and I find comfort in some of life’s simplest pleasures.  Ice cream, smoothies, iced coffee, capris, sandals…oh the list is endless. Yet, one of the simplest things that I find myself loving so much during the summer months is sitting comfortably at home wearing no pants and no bra!


You hear it across the web on multiple platforms, particularly by gamers, “Pants are overrated!” Well, I couldn’t agree more. While the idea of some people sitting around in the underwear communicating with people around the world might inspire disturbing images for some, I find it comforting and humorous. I’m notoriously guilty of wearing little more than you see here while curled up with my laptop, the remote, and/or a good book.
Its funny how my mind has changed about such things as I’ve gotten older, because once upon a time…ok, in my twenties…I swore by the mantra, “It doesn’t matter if its comfortable or not. What matters is that it looks good!” Now, I don’t know if its my age or if fashion has gradually embraced the necessity for comfortable clothes, thus creating more attractive styles. Perhaps, its simply my perspective and I’ve become a little more selective when shopping for clothes in the real world. Either way, my mantra has changed and now I’m more concerned with whether or not my apparel needs to be ironed. I hate ironing.
Thank goodness neither are a concern in Second Life, but lets embrace the “NO PANTS are the best pants” manta anyway!



 Thea (*new* @ Uber)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Roses Skull – Leg Tattoo [CAROL G]
SPIRIT – Eli top (*new* @ Uber)
Apple May Designs – Aiko Panties – Sky (came with dress in VIP Group gift)

=EliBaily= Ivy
*AF* Tulips in Log Planter – Mixed Lg
Bazar-Forest – Flower pot  (part of the Forest Dining Set)
:CP: Leanne Door Cosy FairyTale (*new* @N21)
*AF* Potted Gerbera Daisies – Red
Toro. Tropical plant + Worn out Wooden Stepladder

pose: Frozen – Daisy Poses (*new* @ Tres Chic)


Still of the Night

Now, I realize to some it might seem strange to have a love song for your closet aka wardrobe aka inventory, but for me its seems only logical. You see, I spend more time getting to know my wardrobe than I do most people. I realize that may sound shallow at first, but keep in mind that I absolutely love shopping. Some might call it an addiction, I like to think of it as more of a stylish hobby. Okay, so I mentioned having a love song for my closet. Let me explain.

moonlightIt all started in the middle of the night. I was awake and playing in my oversized inventory while thinking about upcoming and current shopping events. This song came on and immediately I had this feeling that the lyrics applied. So, have a look for yourself at the lyrics to Still of the Night by Whitesnake.

You get it now, right? If not, I’m not going to further incriminate myself by explaining it. I know I’m weird, Every once in a while, I hope to find someone as weird as me. That’s all.
Yeah, so about this awesome dress, yeah? Okay, I’m weird and I sing to my stuff. So, the details are below, I’m going to go serenade myself a new house.

Tableau Vivant \\ Yoann hair
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Roses Skull Back [CAROL G]
**RE** Zaria Bracelets
UC_Dreamweaver_dress_mint (*new* @ The Liaison Collaborative)


Angels Among Us

A funny thing happened on the way to the office…okay, I don’t have an office anymore. However, I was hanging out with my gorgeous best friend, Tracy Redangel, while taking these photos and trying to multitask. To be honest, multitasking is code for chasing squirrels and shinies…like checking Facebook. That led me to a YouTube video (Coldplay-Hymn For The Weekend) that my dear friend Posh had posted and it was a little crazy when I realized the lyrics and what I was wearing.
red angel1

Here I am, dressed up like an angel in red…or Redangel…see what I did there? Then I hear these lyrics:
“Oh, angels sent from up above
You know you make my world light up
When I was down, when I was hurt
You came to lift me up”

red angel2

That’s when it hit me like a ton of cinder blocks for about the millionth time. I have the most amazing friends. I’ve been in SL for over 9 years now and I don’t think I have ever had friends quite like the ones I’ve got now. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a few friends from my gloriously dramatic nooby days, and my how we’ve all grown and changed (most of us anyway). Mostly for the better, I think. I know for me, I’m wiser about the people I choose to surround myself with and I’m occasionally wrong about some people. One thing that’s proven true over and over again is the old adage about people coming into your life for a season, a reason, or a lifetime. People I thought were real friends once upon a time have led me to some people I know in my heart are real friends. Lifetime friends. Angels that light up my world when I’m down. I really hope you all have some friends like that, too. ❤
red angel (back)

hair: Exile::Memory Bliss
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
tattoo: Roses Skull Back [CAROL G]
RO – Eternity Wings
.::Dead Dollz::. Jade Lingerie Set (*new* @Crossroads)
_CandyDoll_ Maya Shoes – Maitreya Lara – RARE

poses: Del May, but each one has been edited using AnyPose to personalize for my photos


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