Tonight @ FMD

If you're like me, you couldn't care less about the royal wedding and you're more concerned about how you're going to spend your Saturday night. Well, my favorite place to hang out in SL on a Saturday night is at FMD. I know this must come as a huge shock to you all, considering how... Continue Reading →


Sweet Misery

Yes, once again, I'm going to play the coward and not write erotica. However, I do have a delicious song for you to enjoy. I also want to tell you about this Naomi Bra & Panty - Strip Me Collection by Vanilla Bae that can only be found in the May Bound Box. If you're not... Continue Reading →

Selfish Love

Once again, I'm going to let the music speak for me, because as many ideas that I have for what to write...well...*grins*...I'm not telling you. Thanks again to my dear friend, Aaron for modeling with me. ❤ Jessie Ware - Selfish Love Baby let's be honest about this There's only room for one in your... Continue Reading →

Taste Like Candy

I struggled with what to write for this photo until I resorted to music, because I just can't write erotica. Maybe I could, but I'm not comfortable doing that for my blog, sooo....yeah, here's a song. *giggles & blushes* Oh, and a special thank you to my dear friend, Aaron, for letting me boss him... Continue Reading →

Cupid Is a Rapist

So, what's the deal with Cupid? We chose the God of Date Rape as our symbol for Valentine's Day? Who makes these decisions? I can bet it wasn't Gloria Alfred! Okay, calm your tits, I'm just being the asshole on Valentine's Day because this time last year I was happy it was annoying...*laughs.* So, I'm... Continue Reading →

This Is Not a Ladder

Bound Box is back and they're delivering another dozen of delightfully naughty items. I'm showing you three here. Analog Dog brought the hair with a very nicely detailed blindfold. This is a fatpack of hair with 9 color options for the blindfold. Wicca's Wardrobe really delivered with their Saffron Outfit with 8 color options for... Continue Reading →

Hot Damn

Well, its another music post, cuz I'm pressed for time and crazy busy again this week. So many changes going on in my life that I had to take a whole day away from the computer just to give my brain time to stop spinning. So, along with this fun photo, I've included great fun... Continue Reading →

Turn Around

So yesterday RL definitely got the best of me and had me in bed very early doped up with pain pills and muscle relaxers. I'm still in a bit of a fog, so  we're going to do another music post. To be far, this picture has put this song in my head every time I... Continue Reading →

Dear Bloggers

So, about a month or two ago, I got rejected when I applied to blog for a store I love. I jokingly made this dramatic post about feeling rejected. It turned into this huge thing, suddenly there was this outpouring of love and support from my friends and even some people I hardly knew at... Continue Reading →

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