Look Good, Feel Good

It's true what they say, "If you look good, you feel good." I don't know how many times I've been able to turn my day around just by doing my hair, makeup, and putting on a cute outfit. I so rarely leave my house, but when I get fixed up a bit...well, suddenly I want... Continue Reading →


Annie May? Ani Me? Ana Who?

We say, "Oh what a small world" when we run into a friend of a friend, but I think its a great  big world and a there's a whole lot that I don't know anything about...like anime. I think its cute. I can appreciate the artistic nature...a genre? I get the appeal, but it has... Continue Reading →

Sweet and Innocent

Why are you already laughing? You don't even know what I was going to say! Stop it! *sighs* Let me know when you're done laughing and I'll continue...hell, I didn't even get started. *narrows her eyes* Hey, we were all sweet and innocent once upon a time, except Tracy...she clawed her way from the womb... Continue Reading →

Crooked World

Crooked World written by Sadystika Sabretooth It's a crooked world, full of broken people, plenty of hungry hyenas on the prowl just waiting to snatch up the scraps. They will use your broken pieces to create something beautiful and then sell it back to you. The lies and all the poison... polluting every cell, every... Continue Reading →


"C'mere, I want to tell you something," she said as she crawled across the bed towards him. She curled her finger to motion him closer. As he moved closer, thinking he was about to get a kiss, she whispered, "I don't give a fuck." He stood up, a look of shock washed over his face,... Continue Reading →

Will This Phase Ever End?

I'm so far behind and as I've mentioned before, some of my posts get rejected from time to time. So, brace yourself for songs and quotes in the upcoming week as I play catch up. Nothing More - Jenny A little sleep, a little slumber A little folding of the hands Left you weak, left... Continue Reading →


I'm watching this documentary about a girl in Austria that was kidnapped by her father in 1984 and was held captive in the basement for 24 years. He raped and abused her. She gave birth to seven children and none of them had ever left the basement. Of course, upon discovery of all this, the... Continue Reading →

This Is NOT a Golden Shower

Sometimes I get on these creative highs and I just can't stop. I might take six pictures in a day, spend the next day editing...then I've got photos and rarely have anything in mind to write. So, I'll reach out to random friends and ask their opinions or sometimes even a topic. This morning was... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I'm just at a loss for words, but its as if musicians have crawled into my soul and done it for me. So, yes, this is another song post, but this particular song is pure poetry. I feel it wrapping around me like an invisible shroud. Jacob Lee - Demons My heart is weak... Continue Reading →


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