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Like a fish out of water

So, here I sit having decided that I’m going to start writing on my blog again and I’m already at a loss of what to talk about. It’s funny, cuz once you get me talking about just about anything, its difficult to shut me up. Some might even accuse me of dominating conversations. AS IF! *laughs* I’ve asked my readers in the past to ask me questions, but you all seem to not be too interested in asking me anything. Instead, you’d rather watch me flail around like a fish out of water. RUDE.
Maybe I’ll have something to actually talk about by the time I do my next picture. Maybe.

Like a fish out of water

hair: DOUX – Sophie hairstyle @ Equal10
head: LeLUTKA Fleur 3.1
head skin: — PUMEC – MILKA FATPACK – LELU EVO – March X
body: [LEGACY] Meshbody Perky
body skin: VELOUR: The “Ipanema Body” for Legacy (Sienna)

Cae :: Eternal :: Collar
KIWY – Alma Bikini

Lyrium. Jasmin Static & Breathing + Fingers Series @ Equal10

Amitie Old Pier & Logs

Serenity Style- Scooter Jet Ski

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