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Be happy that you have a lot to lose.

You never really know where tidbits of inspiration will come from….or wisdom, for that matter. Year ago, I was complaining about days and days of rain. My friend smiled and said, “Rain makes things grow.” I have never forgotten those words or that moment. This morning, I was watching a sitcom and this lady was freaking out because she was worried about this and worried about that. She was taking an inventory of all the things she had lost over the years. Of course, someone told her to look at everything she has to be grateful for. Someone else came along and told her, “Be happy that you have a lot to lose.”
This got to me, cuz I took a look around at all that I have and easily it could be lost. I decided to give my gratitude list a make over to include all the things I’d hate to lose and be happy that I have so very much to lose. I think it would do a lot of people some good to look at things this way. So, instead of focusing on the shit that’s gone wrong or the things you’ve already lost…let’s be happy that you have more to lose and work on being grateful for what we still have. ♥

Be happy that you have a lot to lose.

hair: DOUX – Kiara hairstyle
head: LeLUTKA Lily Head 2.5
body: [LEGACY] Meshbody (f) Special Edition (1.3)
skin: Glam Affair – Lelutka Skin – Lilly

Cae :: Sylvie :: Earrings
-SU!- Poison Sunglasses V.2
AvaWay LETTER Necklaces
Apl.Blossom Doll Sweater @ FaMESHed
MILOTA: Eurydica shorts
MILOTA: Eurydica trinket


Killing Me Softly RARE – Behold Day – The Bearded Guy

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