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Come Here, Pretty

Come here, pretty
I’ve got a way to mess you up
I’ll tell you something
To make you feel like you’re in love
I’ll find a way
To make you what I want you to be
I’ll be sure when you close your eyes
That all you see is me

Come here sweetheart
I’m crazy ’bout your eyes
But I’m not sold on your smile
Could you cover it up?
I heard somewhere
That there’s a doctor you can see
To fix that up and turn you into something
I want to see

Can you believe my luck with all this stuff?
It’s making me insane
Can I make you see how weak you are
And make you feel the same?
Since I have the floor, I’ll take this time
To promise you one thing
That I’ll be damn sure when you close your eyes
That all you see is me

You’re my angel (angel, ah)
So much beauty from inside
And there’s strength in your eyes, (strength in your eyes)
But I’m not sure about that smile
If it were whiter, straighter, smaller, bigger,
This I can be sure,
That I could love you baby,
Hold you baby
Make you feel secure
~ Adaline – Whiter/Straighter

moon elixir breathe doux

hair:  DOUX – Ciara hairstyle
head: LeLUTKA Nova Head 1.0
body:  [LEGACY] Meshbody (f) (1.2)
skin: [the Skinnery] Ashley (Lelutka) @ Uber

Ascendant – So Cute Nails
Moon Elixir x MUSE – Fairytale Wishes – Lingerie
[BREATHE]-Toyomi Heels RARE @ Arcade

pose: Diversion – Chair Poses

DaD “Nolan Armchair”

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