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Our Lives on Our Terms

Someone posted on Facebook asking how people get past betrayal and learn to trust people again. This wasn’t about a romance, but simply a friendship exposed. It’s exceptionally sad when we come to the realization that a friendship isn’t what we thought it was. The thing is that we can’t control, predict, or fully know what other people will do…we just have to take them at face value. With any luck, we eventually learn who we can trust with what. There’s no one person that I trust with everything, not even my mother in rl.
I tend to close myself off after a betrayal and I think that’s natural, but we really shouldn’t punish ourselves for what someone else did. We have to learn to love regardless of the hate around us…and enjoy our lives on our terms. We need to be prepared to say goodbye to shitty people and eventually we’ll find ourselves surrounded by nothing but the best. Though to be fair, the happier we are, the more jealous our enemies become….and we all have enemies, whether we deserve to or not. *hugs*

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