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A Real Grump

This past week I’ve been in quite a funk. I’ve had some sort of stomach bug and I’m fighting like hell not to catch whatever flu/cold bug is going around. I’ve been more withdrawn than usual, only speaking to a small handful of people, because I know what happens to me when I get like this I can be a real grump. I really hate bringing other people down. I tend to keep most of my crap to myself to avoid hindering anyone else’s experience inworld. No one comes into SL hoping to hear all the ways I’m feeling miserable. Don’t get me wrong, I know that my wonderful friends are loving, caring individuals that will gladly listen to me complain. I just hate doing that to them. There’s nothing they can do to change how I’m feeling physically and I certainly don’t want them to feel helpless either. I love them and I want them to be happy. *shrugs* So, yeah, I’ve been isolating a bit and I think for the most part, my friends are used to me doing this by now. If not, they’re just not paying attention. *laughs* Which…if it’s Tracy, that’s HER usual..*grins*

crate thor

Apple Fall Cottage Chair – Bleached
Apple Fall Hydrangea Bunch – Blue
Apple Fall Lemon & Lime Water
Apple Fall Charlotte Dining Table
Apple Fall Liberty Sketchbook
Apple Fall Grass Pot
Apple Fall Rusted Flour Tin

Ariskea[Imagine] Grunge Bag [4] Decor @ Anthem

crate Mudroom Bench

crate Know-How Kitchen Island Full Set @ The Liaison Collaborative
crate Know-How Kitchen Island Booked Knives
crate Know-How Kitchen Island Basket 1
crate Know-How Kitchen Island Spoon Jar
crate Know-How Kitchen Island Full Set
crate Know-How Kitchen Island Basket 2
crate Know-How Kitchen Island Basket 3
crate Know-How Kitchen Island Grocery Bag
crate Know-How Kitchen Island Dish Towel

MudHoney Vintage Dishes @ The Food Court Event 
MH Vintage Bowls Messy – yellow
MH Vintage Casserole Messy – white
MH Vintage Plates L Messy – blue
MH Vintage Mixing Bowls Messy – blue
MH Vintage Mugs Messy – yellow

..::THOR::.. Rustic Breakfast Gacha @ The Food Court Event 
..::THOR::.. Shocking Heart
..::THOR::.. DIY Candle Holder
..::THOR::.. Breakfast Bread RARE
..::THOR::.. Espresso
..::THOR::.. Macchiato
..::THOR::.. Granny Fruit Jam
..::THOR::.. Choco Muffin Plate

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