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We are loved

At the beginning of the Holiday Season, I found myself being more excited about it than I have been the last few years. As things have settled down around me, I’ve been hit with the hum bug. I’m not suddenly anti-Christmas or even hating it…not even sick of it, yet. What I am feeling is alone. I know I’m not the only one feeling that way. There are so many of us that will wake up on Christmas morning alone. I have my mother and I will not take that for granted, because I know as we both grow older…our time is limited.
The loneliness is hitting especially hard this year for some strange reason. I’m doing my absolute best to keep my head up and use the tools I’ve learned in therapy to cope. I’m doing my very best to keep my emotions in check and not to act out in unhealthy ways. It’s not always easy, but with the help of my friends I know I can do it. If anyone reading this is feeling down, I encourage you to reach out to your friends. Tell them how you’re feeling. Everyone is super busy with their own stuff and only those we talk to will have a clue what’s going on with us right now. So, our part is to let them know. Allow them to remind us that we are loved, because we are loved.


Nutmeg. December Eve Set @ Epiphany
Nutmeg. December Eve Candles
Nutmeg. December Eve Chest Rare
Nutmeg. December Eve Books
Nutmeg. December Eve Baubles
Nutmeg. December Eve Lamp
Nutmeg. December Eve Chair w/Blanket Decor
Nutmeg. December Eve Plate Stack v1
Nutmeg. December Eve Vase Rare
Nutmeg. December Eve Lace
Nutmeg. December Eve Ladles
Nutmeg. December Eve Mirror
Nutmeg. December Eve Black Plates
Nutmeg. December Eve Table
Nutmeg. December Eve Bowl Exclusive Item
Nutmeg. December Eve Chair Adult

Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Knitting
Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Books w/Spruce Branch
Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Preserves
Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Chandelier
Nutmeg. Branch
Nutmeg. Cones
Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Open Wardrobe / 1
Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Stool / 1

Nutmeg. Holiday Wreath Bonus Item
Nutmeg. Old Oriental Rug2_Bonus Item

Nutmeg. Backyard Stool Brown

Nutmeg&RK Poses. Old Stool w/Cloth DecorGroup Gift

[KuddelMuddel] VICTORIAN HOUSE Backdrop / Set A

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