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I love cats

Its no secret that I love cats. Hell, half the time my display name is SadyCat or SadyKat or Kitten or Kitty….all sort of feline variations. They really do amaze me. Did you know they have special detergents in their saliva? That’s how they bathe themselves so well and humans don’t need to give them baths unless they get into something terrible. Which is fortunate considering how much cats hate water. They’re very independent animals and have very distinct personalities, as any cat owner will tell you.

My love for cats should be fairly evident to anyone that looks at my Flickr, actually. I feature them more than any other animal. Though to be fair, dogs are not far behind. I just love animals. I wanted to be vet when I was kid. That lasted until I was 8yrs old and saw how they took my cat’s temperature. That was the end of the that dream for me. Between the look on my cat’s face and the flipping of my stomach, I knew that was something I never wanted to experience again!

Lamb GA C88

Lamb. Tease @ Collabor88
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
[Glam Affair] Arina Applier [ Catwa ] @ Collabor88
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Kibitz – Mystical stars necklace @ Collabor88
Little Fox – Cadence sweater @ Collabor88
Little Fox – Cadence shorts @ Collabor88
Eudora3D Arid Boots&Socks

pose: Diversion – Sunshine Poses

scene details: Cozy rooms for cozy hearts

4 thoughts on “I love cats

  1. Maybe I should say that I am not a fan of cat owners, not the cats themselves ~ lot of owners are lazily letting the litter boxes reek of stink and the biggest pet peeve I have is so many cat owners think it is acceptable for their cat to walk on kitchen counters…YUCK, GROSS and so unacceptable. To the cats, I love their unique looks especially some of the more expensive breeds. Great post ♥

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