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Its going to shock you

I know its going to shock you, but I love to mess with my friends. For instance, one of my favorite things to do is to tease my friend Grace. Her father felt compelled to tell her about how much sex he used to have with her mother. She was mortified, but I was thoroughly amused. Thus, I proceeded to tell her how he probably bent her mom over the kitchen table…pushed her against the shower wall….*grins*…You get the idea. I’ve been a bit of a prankster since I was a kid. I try to be careful and not prank people I don’t know fairly well. I prefer to have a general idea of how well the joke will be reciprocated. I’ve pulled some real doozies on my mother over the years, but as she gets older…I try to be more careful. I still get the random BOO in, but she always yells at me. *laughs*
My pranks are innocent in comparison to some of the shit I see on youtube. Let a bitch smash my xbox and we’re going to fight. That’s going to be the end of that relationship, right there! Let a man put dog shit in my sandwich…nuh huh, I’m going to prison, cuz he’s about to DIE! If you’re wondering why I’m talking about this, its mostly cuz I know Grace reads my blog and she’s going to cringe as the visuals of her parents naked, bumping uglies all over the very house she lives in now….yeah, you’re welcome. Oh btw, your parents did the nasty, too. *laughs* You’re welcome.

tv bondi cynful

hair: Tableau Vivant // Mariposa hair @ Collabor88
BONDI . The Bandit Glasses @ Cosmopolitan
head: CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
eyes: -SU!- Osanna Eyes
skin: [Glam Affair] Maria Applier
tattoo: IDTTY Body Shop – Feline Gaze
Ascendant – Taffy Nails @ Access
Cynful For the Crew Top

FOXCITY. Oki Doki Bento Pose Set

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