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Get off the internet!

Y’all really gotta stop taking everything so personal. I’m talking to all those people on Facebook that get pissed off about every little meme. “This offends me, because….” Guess what, the world does not revolve around your overly sensitive ass. Get off the internet, I ain’t got time to babysit your whiny ass. Seriously, people….the world did not stop rotating just because something tragic happened in your life. Look…I’ve been raped (more than once)…I’ve been molested…I’ve been kidnapped…I’ve been shot out…I’ve had guns held to my head…I’ve been suicidal…I’ve lost friends to suicide…I can’t have kids…I’ve been cheated on…I’m been poor (and I am again)…I’ve been homeless. I’ve battled all sorts of demons…some you can’t even begin to imagine. You will never see me whining all over Facebook about memes being inappropriate because of some shit that happened in MY life. If you want to sit and swim in that self pity shit, go right ahead, but do not expect me or anyone else to stop laughing at life just because you lost your sense of humor. Seriously, if you’re THAT easily offended, go read a book and get off the internet. Oh, but don’t read the bible…cuz all but the guns are in THAT book. *drops mic & goes back to enjoying the sick & twisted side of the internet*

agave blueberry

DOUX – Kash hairstyle @ LeVeL
GENUS Project – Genus Head – Baby Face
[Glam Affair] Edyta Applier [ Genus ] @ Anthem
Ascendant – Gianni Nails
AGAVE – Us B Knotty Neclace  @ The Liaison Collaborative
Blueberry – Elias – Tube Top
Blueberry – Elias – Jeans
Blueberry – Elias – Combat Boots – Knee High


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