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Drink water instead

So, you guys know about THAT website that has all those nasty things written by cowards? We’ve all seen what it does to people, right? And what do we always tell our friends that have found themselves on the icky pages of said website? We tell them not to listen, not to read it, that its just hateful, and not true. Right? Then why do we take it so personally when something shows up about us? We’ve got to stop drinking the kool-aid. Stop giving those keyboard bullies a voice and by all means do not give them power over us. The site isn’t going to close down whether we look at it or not. So, its up to us to stop giving it so much power over our lives. It really is just a bunch of nonsense. I don’t really care too much about what people put on there, because even if it’s true…meh…so goes life. I mean, we can’t get rid of pedos just by calling them out, anymore than we can stop the fuckbois for being playa wannabes, or the thirsty ho’s from being thirsty. What we CAN control is how we react. So, to all my beautiful friends out there that are under fire this week or that week or ever…don’t drink the kool-aid! Drink water instead!

addams emilia

head: Catwa Catya
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: [Glam Affair] Maria

TRUTH Euphoria – VIP Gift
R(S)W Water Bottle 2 Plain
Addams // Emilia Sporty Jacket
Addams // Emilia Crop Top
Addams // Emilia Sporty Shorts & Pants

FOXCITY. On Point VOL2 Bento Pose Set

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