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I was so excited when I heard about these dobermans. Many many years ago, I stayed with a family that had several dobermans and upon my first visit, I was absolutely terrified. Mostly, because one of them would jump right over the fence and greet people at their cars. She was simply excited to see visitors. She turned out the be the sweetest dog ever, but man did she put the fear of god into people at the time. My experience with them has been nothing but positive so I named my main doberman, Mittens…short for DoberMittens. *grins*

blueberry rezz room

body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Tableau Vivant // Cinder hair
Bauhaus Movement – Emma Headpiece @ Hair Fair
Blueberry – Group Gift – Tank Top & Denim Skirt
#EMPIRE – Edelweiss


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