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Drafter’s Muse Set

I have a serious weakness for all things office related. So, this Drafter’s Muse set from unKindness made me seriously SQUEEE! At one point in my life, I actually considered being an architect. Sadly, I cannot draw a straight line, even with the assistance of a ruler. Math is hard and geometry is even harder, okay? The clean lines of this set are simply stunning and I love the skyscraper shelf. If you’ve got a loft apartment in SL, this is the perfect set. They delivered just in time for Uber’s birthday round.

unkindness uber

uk – Drafter’s Muse Set – Uber
uK- Drafter’s Muse Art Sketch 1
uK – Drafter’s Muse Art Sketch 2
uK – Drafter’s Muse Skyscraper Shelf
uK – Drafter’s Muse Sm Planter
uK – Drafter’s Muse Skyscraper Sculpture
uK – Drafter’s Muse Design Bin
uK – Drafter’s Muse Table
uK – Drafter’s Muse Stool
uK – Drafter’s Muse Potted Plant Light
uK – Drafter’s Muse Area Rug

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