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Spicy Disaster

Yeah, so I’m writing again and I’m guessing some people wish I’d kept my damn mouth shut. Then again, its all about perspective, isn’t it? I dunno why anyone would want to read the ramblings of my mental mind, but some of you for some weird ass reason. By the way, I’m glad you do…*smiles*

So, today, I’m just gonna touch on perspectives because CandyDoll did this awesome little tee shirt dress for Uber and the graphics options are epic! This one just screamed Sady, so naturally I had to blog it…and not just with a photo…with my wonderous words, too. You’re welcome. *laughs* If you can’t make it out, it says, “I’m not a hot mess. I’m a spicy disaster.” I swear I’m so close to changing my display name to Spicy Mf’n Disaster, its not even funny…well…it IS funny and that’s why I’d do it. Anyway, this rambling mess is just an example of what a disaster I am. However, through someone else’s eyes, I’m perfect. And looking through these very masculine legs, I’m pretty damn cute!

beusy candydoll uber

head: GENUS Project – Baby Face
SU!– Piercing Set 01
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: ItGirls – Luccia @ Uber
tattoo: WR – Call Of The Wild Tattoo

Beusy: Vendetta Hairstyle
^^Swallow^^ Crusties Ears 2.0
_CandyDoll_ Alegai Dress @ Uber

pose by Ana Poses

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