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Bullying the Bully?

Silly kids, drama is for television! Quickest way to get unfollowed on Facebook by me is to post about how you find someone else to be a bully and then proceed to bully said bully with your post. Pot meet Kettle. Seriously, just grow up. You can agree to disagree. You can remove people from your lists. You can block people. These are all great and highly recommended ways to diffuse drama on your timeline. However, if the person you remove or block is indeed an actual bully and/or drama queen…well, its about to get ugly. Time and time again, I see people posting gyazos of conversations they have with other people…conversations they instigated and poked at with what appears to be clear cut bullshit. If you’re anti-bullying don’t bully the person that upset you. Feel free to confront them…privately. If they disagree, odds are that nothing you say is going to change their minds. In fact, if they are a bully, you just made yourself a target. If they’re not a bully and you drag all your silly grievances to your timeline to share with the world? Well, I’m sorry, but in my opinion, you are the real bully. How about we all just grow up and stop being hypocrites about this silly shit?

agave uber doux
And people wonder why I’m not more social.

head: GENUS Project – Baby Face
SU!– Piercing Set 01
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: ItGirls – Luccia @ Uber
tattoo: WR – Call Of The Wild Tattoo

#1 DOUX – Summer Day Hairstyle [RARE] @ Epiphany
AGAVE – Sunrise Crop Top @ Uber

pose by Ana Poses

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